Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lucky Tuesday

Last Saturday, I read in a magazine that Tuesday will be my lucky day and since then I'm so excited for Tuesday... and so here's the story.

Tuesday morning, I woke up around 10am, an hour earlier than usual.... The moment I opened my eyes I knew and felt it's gonna be my lucky day. Then, I decided to play some slots since it's my lucky day! haha.

After taking my bath, I dried my hair and felt like ironing it to have a super extra straight hair. I don't usually iron my hair on my own well come to think of it I never did, so I was like how many minutes will it take for this hair iron to heat up.... After a while, I tried it on my hair and it's not yet hot so I looked at it closely and saw the red button isn't on so I tried to fix it and voila I heard something popped or something and damn I felt my left thumb react from the excessive heat and as usual I screamed out loud. For crying out loud I don't want my hands to be burned noh! Gosh, I panicked and thought I will be electrocuted or something so I immediately took the plug out.
1. Lucky thing I'm naturally maarte that I didn't hold the hair iron with the whole of my hands or else I got my left palm all-burned up....eew! Now, I just have a little burn on my left thumb.

Before I went to play slots I had my lunch out first.... I saw this spicy-pork and mushroom on the menu and that's just about it, keyword spicy, so I ordered it. I was really excited to eat and when the food finally came, gosh it didn't taste good, at least not for me.

2. Lucky thing I had my favorite coke and at least that completed my lunch.

So, there I reached my destination, Manong Guard greeted me the usual "looking great today!" while inspecting my bag. I went straight to my favorite game - the Village People Party, the machine that I usually play in was not available that time so I settled for the other Village People Party machine..... hay the ending, I went out empty-handed, only money for my fare left. gosh!

3. Lucky thing, my atm card was with my sister and because of that I still have some moolah! Plus, I enjoyed the game, I still love those macho men after all....hahaha

On my way home, darn it was raining. I didn't have an umbrella because it's freaking hot when I left home. So there, I tried to keep my patience since I nearly reach the station.

4. Lucky thing, there's a good soul that offered me to share with his umbrella while crossing the street... coz the intersection was a little scary and I'm not really good at crossing streets, specially not during a freaking rain.

However, my destination is still two blocks away and the damn weather just didn't cooperate with me and actually poured more and more rain. The ending, I looked like I just took a shower, my clothes were dripping wet.

5. Lucky thing, when I reached home, there's no more rain and besides my clothes were already dry that time.

Hay. Lucky Tuesday huh? Whatever.

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