Monday, September 29, 2008

more of survivor

I am just so hooked and so addicted to Survivor Philippines.... I mean, at the beginning I was watching the show because of Coach Veronica, but now, not just that, I am certified Survivor Philippines addict already!

Last Thursday, they were like having the game for the glory of the immunity power, and I must say, true colors are somewhat revealed. I mean, for crying out loud why did Jace have to ruin his dignity just for the sake of that immunity thingee. That's just so unacceptabe, he will say things like "Kiks, taas ko lang shorts ko pare then laban uli tayo" only to find out at the end that he will broke his words by saying "Kiks, pare, sorry" and then run towards their home base.... dammit! that's just so foul! In whatever angle you look at, he's madaya, and he's grrrr nakakaasar!

You know what, I like Jace at the beginning but after that? No way! He's very disappointing!

Okay, so Coach Veronica belongs to Jarakay team, but honestly I like the opponent team the Naak. Ofcourse, I always take the side of the underdogs. I mean, they are the real underdog, not yet winning any battle but I believe they will make it to stand up once more!

Last Friday, the traitor/ backstabber Emerson left the island, and that's just a big yes-yes. Traitors/ backstabbers should be kicked-out! But, before the Naak team went to the Council thingee, they were all emotional, and gosh my adoration to them just keep on growing. Mommy Zita, the laundrywoman, was so touching, she was like "anak ilalaglag nyo ba ako?" to her fellow castaways, and gosh tears almost fell down from my eyes.....

I want her to win, it's not just because she's poor, you know I really hate reality shows who declares the poor as the winner, it's like ok fine, you're poor, you deserve to win! what the???? where's the logic? Ok, but mommy zita, is different, yes, she's poor, but she never used that fact so people would sympathize to her. In fact, she's deserving in the sense that she's strong even if she's relatively old and considering that she's a girl. As a proof to that, she was the 2nd person to reach the beach shore after Jace. Imagine that, she was able to swim faster than those heavy-built men of Survivor?!

Oh well, I am so excited in every episode of the show, looking forward for more adventures, more drama, and more revelations!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

danggit bay!

And that is just so funny!

Okay, for the record, I don't eat fish, the only fish I eat is tilapia, that's it! But here goes my former boss (speaking of boss) I call him Master, he's just the best! He's one of my favorite persons in the world! haha earlier last month I asked him a favor of putting his name on my character reference here in Nuffnang and he immediately said yes and followed up "one dozen ng krispy kreme lang ang katapat" ofcourse it wouldn't be master without his punch lines.....

Then, I got in here, and he was like, instead of krispy kreme, why don't I just write a content for the website he's planning to buy, I said Ok. Then, just last week he said, he's selling danggit straight from Cebu, and I should buy! Huwaaaaaat???? yeah right, he's asking me to buy fish. I don't eat danggit but nevertheless I'll buy, I will just give it to my grandma or whoever.

I don't know, it's like when Master said, it's go for the gold. hahahaha as I've mentioned he's one of my favorite persons in the world, and I am really like that once you're my favorite, I'm always supportive.

Oh well, he'll be dropping by here in High street tomorrow for the danggit but according to him I should not worry since he packaged it nicely. hahahaha... I think I can treat him for 2 krispy kreme, or a cupcake, or a piece of cake.... only one of those options, since it's not yet payday.

Meet the boss

It has been a busy week for Nuffnang people here in the office since Boss Tim, one of the founders of Nuffnang in Malaysia, was actually here since Monday.

Boss Tim, is very cool. I mean, he's young but he has a lot of things to share since he has achieved so many things in his young age of 24. He is very easy to talk to, not intimidating AT ALL, considering the he was nominated for Businessweek's Asia's Successful young entrepreneur.....

But, really, I am happy to meet him! Next time, we'll be the one to visit him in Malaysia and the other boss Ming, in Singapore..... But, for now, we need to iron out everything here! Aja aja

Thursday, September 18, 2008

68 bloggers

Hey friends,

Nuffnang is still waiting for entries to complete the 68 bloggers promo.... Many of the entries sent were not valid so we needed to discard those entries..... But, the good news is you still have the chance to win....

Please check out Nuffnang's promo

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my bestfriend's girl

I am so excited about the new movie of my favorite Kate Hudson..... The movie title is My Bestfriend's Girl..... hmmmm sounds intriguing right?

It's a story of a professional heartbreaker (Dane Cook) of a girl who dumped a boyfriend... It's like dating the girl who just broke a heart of a poor guy, and to get back on the girl, the guy will make sure that the girl will have the worst date of her life.

The climax begins when the bestfriend (Jason Biggs) of the professional heartbreaker was dumped by his girl (Kate Hudson)... So, besides his profession the guy felt that it's his duty to save his bestfriend from the pain the girl gave her.... So, she started dating the girl and later on fell in love (ofcourse) and now the dilemma is loyalty to a friend or love for the girl of your life???

naks naman! I think the story is cute, it's something cute for girls to watch how guys on situations like that!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaay i am darn excited!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

as expected

i am a friend, no i am such a loyal friend.

okay, that's very self-absorbed statement.... but, some times I am really forced to think like this, why is it always have to be me who have to be A FRIEND? is it too much to ask if for once they think about me more than I think about them?

in my state of mind today, it's very unfair.

Usually, I don't think about these things because for one I don't believe that I am doing good things to others so they do the same to me..... I don't expect anything in return of the favor I gave. It's quite ironic because my motto in life is what goes around comes back around, but I swear if I do good I don't expect something in return. Lastly, once you're my friend, no matter what I am your friend, til the end, through heaven or hell.

But, these days, a good friend's attitude is bugging me.... I swear I was such a good friend to her specially on those days that she's really in need. I mean every help you could think of I gave to her, emotionally, financially, spiritually, even my presence was always present literally. I treated her problems as my own, as in I was the one who cannot sleep at night thinking how we can solve it........

And, now, that her problems was over, I feel so different. I feel she's lying to me............ and one time I really caught her lying but on the act, she said the truth.... You know that, it's hard because you cannot tell right into her face that she's lying because when you asked her she told the truth.

Then, last time, I asked her a favor and easily she said yes. So, with that my trust are coming back not until yesterday. The favor supposed to be today, but yesterday, she was asking me a favor but I really can't, it's not that I don't want to but I just really can't...... She knows very well that if I can there's no way I will not grant her the favor.... I expected that since I didn't grant her the favor she's asking , she will not grant the favor she has already promised. Finally, this morning she said she can't do me the favor coz blah blah reasons I didn't want to hear.......

It's just sad that she'll do that to me, what she'll say what goes around comes back around??? but hey how about the tons and tons of favors I did for her? I am not making sumbat or anything that's why I didn't reply na lang when she said she can't...... but, it's just so hard to accept the truth. It's so hard that I am losing my trust to the person I've treated a friend. I just wish time will just erase all my doubts, maybe one day I can give her back the trust that once belonged to her.

survivor fever

Last night, I was really glued on to our tv set while watching Survivor....

I noticed that the "epals" are revealing their faces earlier than I expected.... Not only that, castaways are revealing their own personalities and characters they want to portray. Like Gigit, acts like "know-it-all man" not to mention his very gutsy outfit! haha. Then, the chubby guy is also trying to be the leader of the group knows everything, remember he said that mushroom has a ring and voila it really has! sabi nga nya diba? Then, this Jace, is the strong one, he was the first to reach the beach right?! Oh well, that's the Jarakay team.....

Let's go to the Naak team, Patani, shows that she knows a lot about practicality plus her witty side who wants to be artista....haha she's funny! Then the call center girl Nikki woah did I just mention that name? Oh well, she's a sleepyhead, well, we cannot blame her since her body clock was used to morning as the sleeping time.... haha but then again, she should condition her body and mind that she's in the Survivor show. Then, Zita, the laundrywoman, I like her, I think she's strong, and she's not very whiny even though she was chained with Nikki who doesn't want to do anything.... But I think, in tonight's episode, Zita will be pissed off....Well, let's see....
The Charisse girl, is like testing the water going with the flow.... Ofcourse Coach Veronica, my mom said she's weak and she might leave first but I immediately responded "syempre style nya lang un" hahaha.... that's a joke but somehow I believe it's her tactic, don't show your character too early, don't reveal your strengths and weaknesses to your opponent since they might use that against you!

It's a game, and you really have to have a tactic for you to win! I am so excited to know who will have the strongest strategies..... But, still, I am bias I am cheering for Coach Veronica!!!!

But to clear things out, I think whatever character they are portraying whether epal, or goodie good good it's alright with me since I believe it's all healthy for the show.

Friday, September 12, 2008

excited about survivor

I am excited about the fact that Survivor is now in Philippine television but to be honest I don't have plans of following the show NOT UNTIL I found out that one of my favorite persons is actually one of the show's castaways and that just triples my excitement! It's great!

My favorite, Coach Veronica Domingo is part of the Survivor show! My gosh! When I was in college, and I was assigned to cover the sport Taekwondo, there I met Coach Veronica, and from there she automatically became my favorite. I learned her journey from winning gold, silver until she suffered from injury and needed to fight with one knee not fully recovered but still was able to bag bronze medal.

I even got the chance to talk to her after the 2006 SEAG and that article is just my personal favorite. She mentioned there all her struggles and her future plans, including the plans in joining the Philippine team for Beijing Olympics. That's why I was kinda disappointed and sad when I found out that she didn't make it to the list of jins who will represent our country.

However, as they say, for every door that closes a window will be opened, like for Coach Veronica she may not have stepped in Beijing Olympics but a new battle is coming on her way, this time a bout in becoming the first Filipino Sole Survivor. Will she make it? I don't know but one thing I am very sure, I'm cheering for her! hahaha.

As Coach Veronica always say to her players, POWER!

Fight Coach Veronica!!!!!

what's up with this?

Like what I've mentioned, I started blogging using blogspot but I discovered Multiply is so cool. Since everybody was in friendster then, I wanted to use something which was not used widely haahaha but then after just coupla months Multiply boost it's popularity as well.... But never mind, since it's not that sensationalized like FS. But, why am I here right now? Oh well, environment calls for it that's why Iam segueing from Multiply to here. Ofcourse I will not leave my oh so beloved multiply. :)

feu at krispy kreme

Just a while ago, I was craving for something sweet and since Krispy kreme is just near the area, I decided I want to eat donut, that simple..... haha.

As I was deciding what flavors to choose, this special donuts surprised me and voila instantly caught my attention............

Yeah right, that's FEU's Tamaraw logo.... Cute cute cute.... Okay, I know FEU lost yesterday, but who knows we might go all the way to the championship, huh? hahaha just assuming here, it may look hard to achieve that, but hey everything's possible, let's just wait.


Hahaha. Yeah right I sound so fanatic here, but in truth not really, it's just that it's so cute to have that special FEU donut from Krispy Kreme..... how I wish there's one special FEU havaianas too... haha :)

Of course I did buy it!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

nuffnang wants you

Nuffnang has come up with an initial promo wherein 68 bloggers are needed to come up with one valid entry each.... The game is so easy you just need to follow the 5 steps and voila you'll be able to win 500pesos to credited on your account... Good news is it's first come first served basis so I guess, you still have a chance. Remember, valid entries! haha.

So here's the link for that game and see if you can be one of the 68.... Goodluck!!!!

wordcamp moment

It's been a tiring weekend for me, haven't had enough sleep.... I miss sleeping. haha. I really do, I want to sleep very badly. hay like this minute? hahaha, wish some more camille!

Anyway, Nuffnang joined the Wordcamp event last Saturday, like the whole day! As I've said, it's tiring not physically though, since we just sit there answered questions about NN and I had to host the trivia contest infront of the bloggers, but it's more tiring emotionally because my mind kept on thinking that I want to sleep! Please please can I sleep? haha. that's the thing.

Hmm, I wanted to come up with the entry about the event but I just did write about it on our blog, so just click this

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This entry is not about the color, besides green is my favorite color but hmm I also like pink.... Ok going back to my story now, according to mom I'll be meeting up with Pinky to assist me for my passport and then I laugh, the name Pinky just makes me laugh. Ayt, before any violent reactions there, I have nothing against the person besides I haven't seen her, all I know is her name.... so, why am I laughing? I remember a story about the name. Here it goes:

Back in highschool, there was a girl named Pinky, from the lower batch. She was a member of the COCC, so during a drill, their commandant which happened to be our classmate asked them to shout their name one by one, so she was the last in line so she's like Pinky blah blah Sir! Then, I asked Rehoy, ano daw? As an equally malokong Rehoy, answered, Pinky daw! Then we laughed so hard. Everytime we see that Pinky we can't help but laugh and we always call her Pinky! even though we don't know her!

It's been my and rehoy's routine, everytime Pinky passed by, we shout Pinky! Then, one morning, she knocked on our class and said something to our teacher, and Rehoy was like Pinky! but I was busy talking to a seatmate so I didn't notice, then Rehoy called me and said "Camille si Pinky oh!" So, I said ----------------- Pinky! You know what? The girl cried after....

Then, our teacher Ma'am Cha, asked us not to tease the girl anymore.... But, we're like what did we do? we're just calling her. besides it's her name diba? So, what's wrong with that? Haha. That was funny. People cry even though I am not doing anything bad. haha. Am I bad? or so you think. Nah. I'm just always laughing you know, like when I see someone who once said Call center sucks and now seeing her holding a mic for a movie premiere night just cracks me down, laughing and laughing!

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