Friday, May 22, 2009

kris allen wins...

I know I'm kinda late as everyone's talking about the finale of American Idol since yesterday.... Sadly, I wasn't able to watch it yesterday as I was out the whole day.... but come on Kris Allen won...and that's just about enough. Yey! Kris Allen won! haha.

I will not be able to talk about the finale nor their showdown because I wasn't able to watch either.yeah I know loser me. I was able to watch Adam's and Kris' versions of Boundaries though and I just think the song really fits Kris's voice. I was rooting for Kris but I also think Adam really rocks specially his outfits and the nice hairdo. hahaha.

So, that's it I blog just to tell I was happy about the result of AI this year. I know this entry sucks, but whatever. hahaha may be it's the hangover.

Congrats to Kris Allen

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've always believed that Kris Allen would be the next American Idol winner, and after his performance last night via the angsty song Heartless...oh gosh he's fierce, he's heartless and he's ready to win it!!! hahaha I hope America would vote for him...

Hay. The song has been my last song syndrome since last night... So here's a video from google...

Woah his performance is really amazing and bold, yeah performing a Kanye West's song is really something....hahaha

Now, the phrase is just stuck in my mind, "how could you be so heartless?" hmmmm yeah right how could you?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the balance of everything

This very minute, I am very happy. That shall do it for me. But.....

I used to be the type who's contented being just happy. However, as I'm turning more mature, I realized, happiness is not everything. It shall not and will never stop there.

I am no longer a kid to be perfectly alright when given a candy bar.

Now, I know, to achieve the nirvana, I shall accomplish every stage. I should not be complacent finishing one area coz there's a lot more to achieve. Temporary happiness will never be enough as it shall be a long-time happiness.

Yes there's no shortcut and I think I'm ready to take the next step. Hay. Aja aja!!!!

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