Friday, May 22, 2009

kris allen wins...

I know I'm kinda late as everyone's talking about the finale of American Idol since yesterday.... Sadly, I wasn't able to watch it yesterday as I was out the whole day.... but come on Kris Allen won...and that's just about enough. Yey! Kris Allen won! haha.

I will not be able to talk about the finale nor their showdown because I wasn't able to watch either.yeah I know loser me. I was able to watch Adam's and Kris' versions of Boundaries though and I just think the song really fits Kris's voice. I was rooting for Kris but I also think Adam really rocks specially his outfits and the nice hairdo. hahaha.

So, that's it I blog just to tell I was happy about the result of AI this year. I know this entry sucks, but whatever. hahaha may be it's the hangover.

Congrats to Kris Allen

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Languages Internationale said...

the guy really deserves the title


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