Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, Birthday....etc.

Alright, I am late again in terms of posting an entry...but sigh. I was just not in the mood.

Okay, so it was Christmas and my birthday 3 days ago.....and ahm and...well that's pretty much all.

Anyways, Merry Christmas to all...and Happy New Year in advance just in case I will not be in the mood again to write, but I think I will.... Gotta come up with long list of New Year's resolution.....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lady Gaga meets the Queen

Lady Gaga performed in front of the Queen and actually shook hands... awesome!

Lady Gaga is really fierce!! Love her, love her!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

absolutely absolut...

Ever since, my favorite drink has been vodka and my brand is definitely Absolut... I love all flavors from Citron, Vanilla, Mandarin, Kurant, Raspberry to the fab Gold...I really love 'em all. During college days, Absolut was the star for every house party... and it will always be the star for me in terms of cocktail drinks....

Well, I found some pictures of their new ad featuring two of my favorites: Kate Beckinsale and Summer herself Zooey Deschanel... Looking fabulous but weird at the same time...

Kate Beckinsale oozing fabulous in green...:)

Mandarin crushed all over....clever!

Looking fierce in bloody red though I'm not a big fan of bloody mary...

Now, look at barbie-like Zooey Deschanel... So cosmo you barely recognize her..

Absolutely Absolut.... Love it as always.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

frogs and princes

I say....frogs frogs frogs puro na lang frogs.....prince naman kaya?!

How I wish it's that simple but's not at all simple in fact very very complicated... Here's a perfect song for my sentiments right now.

Frogs and Princes
by Natasha Bedingfield
The in & out of datin's got me all confused I build up expectation, end up feelin used
Seems everybody's into fast food, everybody's into quick
I want someone to take the time Fine dine me not rush it

Now Its nearly 7.30 I'm slippin' on a dress
I keep my fingers crossed you're not like all the rest
So when you come to pick me up come right to my door
Dont stay in ur car and beep beep the horn

Maybe Im a hopeless romantic
You'll pick the sounds for the backgroud to our drive into town
Baby don't be one of the traffic
Had too many nights with the wrong guys comin'up redlights

Tell me how many frogs do I have to kiss
Before I find my Prince

Before I find my Prince
All you girls that are goin' thru this
Tell 'em how it is
Tell 'em how it is

We pull up to our premiere, Red carpet good
You check my coat, get my chair like I hoped u would
You're funny and your flirtin's really workin 4 me
But where it goes from here gotta wait and see

Maybe Im a hopeless romantic
And you'll pick the view that we kiss to make me go Ooh Ooh
But maybe it'll all turn out tragic
And u'll push 4 more back at my front door more than Im ready for

You gotta..Tip the waiter, thats how it works
You cant skip the starter, go straight to desert
U gotta.. pop the cork..Before u taste the wine
Don't make a mad dash for the finish...
Line up in a row cos the dating game is (wooh)
We get hooked up but the real shame is
Too much connnection followed by rejection S'gonna hurt a girl till she learns her lesson

I wonder when?!!!! sigh. I wish soon. Well I'm still keeping my faith...

Show up my frog prince!!!!! and for crying out loud turn into prince...LOL

Monday, November 30, 2009

sidney prescott returns...

One of my favorite films of all time is Scream or shall I say Scream 1,2,3 and one of my favorite characters again of all time is Sidney Prescott... and now she'll be back with the fourth and hopefully not the last Scream movie and I was like woah can't wait...

So many movies to be excited about...but I think this one will be on top of my list...Come on reunion of Neve Campbell, Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson plus the couple David and Courtney Arquette will be seriously fantastic!!!! Ready to scream out loud again!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


so sweet -Beyonce and JayZ... They look so cute in this picture... I was particularly touched when Beyonce said that her song Dangerously in Love was pertaining to the time she fell in love with her husband--JayZ. oh how sweet!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

queen of pain

"Is it over yet
Can I open my eyes?
Is this as hard as it gets
Is this what it feels like to really cry, cry"

Kelly Clarkson never fails.

Monday, November 23, 2009

excited about...


damn excited for this movie: Oh of course Kate Hudson's a favorite!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Amanda is the newest Pinoy Sole Survivor

Just when i thought Survivor Philippines: Palau will have a bad ending when Mika was voted off courtesy of the Justine-Jef-Charles alliance and leaving Mika’s bff Amanda alone and almost hopeless..yesterday at the finale the sweetest and probably the best ending happened when Amanda was announced as the newest Pinoy Sole Survivor. Congrats Amanda!
Well, after Mika was voted off, Amanda became very emotional. She felt so alone and most importantly betrayed- betrayed by their friend Jef and the chameleon Charles who promised Mika that he will vote Jef out but actually did the opposite.

During the last immunity challenge wherein the condo unit was at stake Amanda looked so blank certainly because of her emotions and the time Paolo was explaining the challenge, tears actually fell from her eyes which made me think that Mika and their friendship was really her source of strength. However, I was so proud of her that even though she felt so hopeless, she still was able to think wisely. She talked to Jef and Charles causing a rift between the JJC alliance that made Justine mad like hell and thankfully making Jef realized she was wrong of turning back on Amanda and Mika.

When they reached the tribal council for the last elimination, Paolo Bediones called the members of the jury one by one and when he called Mika, she blew a kiss for Amanda and in a snap Amanda became all teary-eyed again probably remembering the fact that her BFF was now on the other side.

Then came the voting Amanda and Charles got two votes each that's why a tie-breaker was needed and that's a fire-making challenge. It was so nerve-wrecking, Charles was able to make a fire first but he wasn't succesful to completely burn the tie which Amanda did so she was declared the winner of the challenge and part of the Final 3.

Finally, the face off of the Final 3 and the members of the jury happened. They answered the questions the jury threw one by one. As expected Justine turned into her beauty pageant contestant-mode as she answered the questions thrown at her. However, I strongly believe that she was very inconsistent with her answers like when she said that she was just a good follower contradicting her answer at one point in the game wherein she said that she learned to be the captain of her own ship and that she will always be the captain. She also said outside life shall not be included but when Paolo asked her to tell who she is she was like "isa akong mabuting anak, mabait na kaibigan, etc etc." yeah right you just said outside life shall be out of the question. Well, on the other hand, Amanda answered the questions with all honesty but not enough to persuade the jury to vote for her. BUT when Mika's turn to do the questioning arrived everything changed which I believe made Amanda won. She told Amanda to tell her life and why she deserves to be the sole survivor which she knows already but the others don't. With this, Amanda knew that Mika's letting her talk to get the jury's vote and she took this opportunity to talk everything out and actually served as her final speech. It was very spectacular! Mika is really clever! She proved that her control for the game didn't end when she was voted off. She didn't just control the whole game up to the final 5 but also directed her BFF's winning shot/speech. Sigh. Mika is really my favorite! However, Amanda's win was also her win because she did made it possible. Mika-Amanda tandem is really really amazing!

Again, congratulations to Amanda for being the newest Pinoy Sole Survivor. It was indeed a sweet and probably the best ending! Survivor Philippines:Palau was unbelievably spectacular and a truly world-class!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Saved. Just in the nick of time. Thank God.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I feel like I am drowning these days...
I don't know when will I be saved.
I don't know who could save me
and I don't know if I ever want to be saved.

However, I still have my faith.
I know one day while trying to learn to breathe under the water...
one hand will come to save me.

A hand who will just carry me and bring me to a safe place
and not just a mere bystander who will ask if I am drowning
or why am I drowning.

It is also possible that I can save myself
When I learned how to be strong
when I learned how to overcome my fear
and when I learned how to be brave.

For now, I am very scared.
But I'll try my best to survive.
I cannot shout for help for I am too weak
But, I'll wait for the right time to be saved.

I know it will be soon
I am hoping it will be tomorrow.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jhaziri's funniest moments

Jhaziri is my cute inaanak/niece, a daughter of my cousin.... We're always playing.... We enjoy taking pictures... We love watching movies... We love to party haha and have a song and dance number... We love Starbucks and we love Krispy Kreme.... In short I really adore her..... I love her so much even though she would always say she loves my sister Lara more.

Well, it's kinda sad that she's back at their house already and attends her school there, but last week she stayed at our house and she had so many funny moments...

Here are some:

1. Jhaziri and her unbelievable wishes....
> When she's around we'd always go to SM and her favorite place is none other than Toy Kingdom... She'd always spend so much time looking for toys as if she haven't seen it...duh! As much as I can I always try to buy at least one toy for her.... So, everytime we're in SM, Ninang is the best for her, since my sister always gets mad if Jhaziri wish to buy toy. Last week, she was like "Ninang bili mo ko nito saka eto saka eto pa...."and I was like okay next time na yung iba sa birthday mo na ha.... Then she stopped or so I thought, then she followed-up with "Ninang bilhin mo yung buong SM sa birthday ko ha?" Jusme.....! Ano daw? Buong SM? haha

And the other day, we were asked by my mom to buy medicines at Mercury Drug, and of course Jhaziri didn't fail to see those chocolates, she asked me to buy her favorite Cadbury with matching "Ninang oh wouldn't it be nice if the world was cadbury?" then yeah right I bought of course... when we were at the counter she was like with her usual loud voice "Ninang pati na rin buong Mercury bilhin mo sa birthday ko ha?" Hala! Pati Mercury pa ngayon..
After she said that the guard and the lady at the counter were both laughing...

2. Jhaziri and her Optimus Prime, Megatron and many others

She loves watching cartoons and those cars and robots thingee.... and her current favorite is Transformers... everytime she sees a yellow car she would shout "hotshot" and she'll go on and on and on... So, last week we watched Transformers the movie and the moment those robots appeared she hysterically said "Ninang ayan na si Bumble bee etc etc......" I am not too familiar with Transformers as I haven't watch the 1st one so I was like okay...... She was really excited to watch. Then after a while she called me "Ninang" and almost teary-eyed and I was like "Bakit bebe?" Then she said "sinisipa nung bata ung upuan ko e" hahahaha funny! May be those kids got irritated with all her boasting that she knows those Transformers cast..... I told Jhaziri, e di sabihin mo wag sipain... she replied "eh anjan yung mommy nila baka awayin ako" haha!

3. Jhaziri and her tatlong zero....

She refers to the coin as pera and the paper bills as money..... One time she saw me with a thousand bill and I was like "Oh Jhaziri ang dami kong money oh tignan mo tatlo ung zero"..... From then on she would always say to my mom "Mamu penge money ung tatlong zero" When mom gives her 100pesos she would count and say "dalawa lang yung zero eh ung kay Ninang 3"... and one time we were watching a game show and the prize posted was like 1,000,000 and Jhaziri went so surprised with what she saw "Ninang............. (shouting) ang daming zero nun! " Haha naloka na!

4. Jhaziri and her pictures....
We love to take pictures but everytime she has pictures for school stuffs she would be shy and doesn't like to smile... Then, last week, she and her mom went out to have her taken her 2 x 2 picture for her school Id... before they leave I taught her how to smile in her picture and she was like "Ninang nakakalimutan ko e, sama ka na lang para maalala ko panu ung smile" haha I said "kaya mo yan bebe" .... and when they went home, I immediately asked "patingin ng picture baka di ka naka smile" and she said "Naku Ninang, napaka cute ng picture ko" ahahaha turns out her picture is really cute.... Love it! I asked one copy and she was like "oh Ninang ilagay mo sa wallet mo yan ha, wag mo iwawala, ang cute pa naman nyan" haha confident!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lucky Tuesday

Last Saturday, I read in a magazine that Tuesday will be my lucky day and since then I'm so excited for Tuesday... and so here's the story.

Tuesday morning, I woke up around 10am, an hour earlier than usual.... The moment I opened my eyes I knew and felt it's gonna be my lucky day. Then, I decided to play some slots since it's my lucky day! haha.

After taking my bath, I dried my hair and felt like ironing it to have a super extra straight hair. I don't usually iron my hair on my own well come to think of it I never did, so I was like how many minutes will it take for this hair iron to heat up.... After a while, I tried it on my hair and it's not yet hot so I looked at it closely and saw the red button isn't on so I tried to fix it and voila I heard something popped or something and damn I felt my left thumb react from the excessive heat and as usual I screamed out loud. For crying out loud I don't want my hands to be burned noh! Gosh, I panicked and thought I will be electrocuted or something so I immediately took the plug out.
1. Lucky thing I'm naturally maarte that I didn't hold the hair iron with the whole of my hands or else I got my left palm all-burned up....eew! Now, I just have a little burn on my left thumb.

Before I went to play slots I had my lunch out first.... I saw this spicy-pork and mushroom on the menu and that's just about it, keyword spicy, so I ordered it. I was really excited to eat and when the food finally came, gosh it didn't taste good, at least not for me.

2. Lucky thing I had my favorite coke and at least that completed my lunch.

So, there I reached my destination, Manong Guard greeted me the usual "looking great today!" while inspecting my bag. I went straight to my favorite game - the Village People Party, the machine that I usually play in was not available that time so I settled for the other Village People Party machine..... hay the ending, I went out empty-handed, only money for my fare left. gosh!

3. Lucky thing, my atm card was with my sister and because of that I still have some moolah! Plus, I enjoyed the game, I still love those macho men after all....hahaha

On my way home, darn it was raining. I didn't have an umbrella because it's freaking hot when I left home. So there, I tried to keep my patience since I nearly reach the station.

4. Lucky thing, there's a good soul that offered me to share with his umbrella while crossing the street... coz the intersection was a little scary and I'm not really good at crossing streets, specially not during a freaking rain.

However, my destination is still two blocks away and the damn weather just didn't cooperate with me and actually poured more and more rain. The ending, I looked like I just took a shower, my clothes were dripping wet.

5. Lucky thing, when I reached home, there's no more rain and besides my clothes were already dry that time.

Hay. Lucky Tuesday huh? Whatever.

Friday, May 22, 2009

kris allen wins...

I know I'm kinda late as everyone's talking about the finale of American Idol since yesterday.... Sadly, I wasn't able to watch it yesterday as I was out the whole day.... but come on Kris Allen won...and that's just about enough. Yey! Kris Allen won! haha.

I will not be able to talk about the finale nor their showdown because I wasn't able to watch either.yeah I know loser me. I was able to watch Adam's and Kris' versions of Boundaries though and I just think the song really fits Kris's voice. I was rooting for Kris but I also think Adam really rocks specially his outfits and the nice hairdo. hahaha.

So, that's it I blog just to tell I was happy about the result of AI this year. I know this entry sucks, but whatever. hahaha may be it's the hangover.

Congrats to Kris Allen

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've always believed that Kris Allen would be the next American Idol winner, and after his performance last night via the angsty song Heartless...oh gosh he's fierce, he's heartless and he's ready to win it!!! hahaha I hope America would vote for him...

Hay. The song has been my last song syndrome since last night... So here's a video from google...

Woah his performance is really amazing and bold, yeah performing a Kanye West's song is really something....hahaha

Now, the phrase is just stuck in my mind, "how could you be so heartless?" hmmmm yeah right how could you?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the balance of everything

This very minute, I am very happy. That shall do it for me. But.....

I used to be the type who's contented being just happy. However, as I'm turning more mature, I realized, happiness is not everything. It shall not and will never stop there.

I am no longer a kid to be perfectly alright when given a candy bar.

Now, I know, to achieve the nirvana, I shall accomplish every stage. I should not be complacent finishing one area coz there's a lot more to achieve. Temporary happiness will never be enough as it shall be a long-time happiness.

Yes there's no shortcut and I think I'm ready to take the next step. Hay. Aja aja!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

end of the 40-day challenge

I'm such a winner! Haha yeah right! Well, here's the thing last March 1, I decided to take myself into a 40-day challenge... hmmm well, not so much a challenge but a fair enough challenge for me. haha I'm not making sense here am I?

So here's a little detail... I love to eat! I love sweets. I love meat. I love it spicy. But, most of all, I love rice! haha... so I decided to see if I can survive 40-days of no rice and meat.... and gawd I did!

My mom was like "what's freaking wrong with you? Are you trying to kill yourself?"

Well, at first, yeah I thought it's close to committing suicide, but whatever, I wanna challenge myself. First few days, I refused to see people eating rice because I felt any moment I can forget my promise. However, later on, I survived eating at one table with people eating regular food.

My sister always teased me "oh ate favorite mo toh diba" and I'll just say "yeah I'll eat that after 40 days."

I must admit, it took a lot of discipline and determination to survive the challenge. I wasn't able to meet people who used to eat out with me, like Arteng Karol. hahahha I know she's freaking crazy right now! hahaha

So, there you go, supposedly the end was last April 9, but since it's Maundy Thursday, I decided to postponed the end to Monday. and yes I immediately eat Yang chow! ahahaha I missed it so much!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

picking up the pieces

I know, I said three weeks. Now, I'm on my third week but haven't pick up any pieces.

Again, I know, it's all my fault. haha. too lazy as always.

Yeah right, I think I'm on my way to my recovery now, since I had three long weeks of drama and vulnerability from everything that happened.

I am now starting to listen to other songs besides I Stay in Love with You by Mariah Carey...hahaha my sister was very annoyed for the past weeks of hearing that song over and over again... but last Monday, I started to listen to other songs....

Tuesday, I am so decided that I'll go out but not just to have lunch or meet friends but actually to look for a job... But, come on when I woke up Tuesday morning, it's raining cats and dogs....hahaha I don't know if it's a sign or something but I really really hate going out when it's raining. so there, first time since I move out of work, I stayed at home the whole day.

Wednesday, I woke up really early, get dressed and when I saw my sister she said, they don't have classes that day... Oh come on, another temptation... She said, we shall just watch Sundo which opened that day... So, the ending, yeah right changed clothes to casual and go straight to the mall and watch Sundo. hahaha and shop all day.

Today, I gave up, I'll just postpone my job hunting to next week. I swear to look for a job next week. I swear by my own magaw.... hahhahaa

Sunday, March 15, 2009

poker face

Sometimes, it's hard to distinguish a smile from an ordinary smile. I mean, how would you know if the smile is special if the person is smiling to everyone else.

Hay. That's always been my dilemma.

People know me as a not so friendly individual, and that fact actually makes me easier to read... I smile at you then I like you as a person. Blank eyes then I don't like you. That's it. I say you're my favorite if you are.... Some of my crew is like that as well, but I think many of them are actually the opposite.

Haha, I respect them the way they are but sometimes I can't help but wonder, " why does he/she needs to be friendly to all people even if they are not really close?" So, how would I discover if a person is special to him/her or not? How would I know if he/she is telling the truth when he/she says I'm his/her favorite if he/she has the tendency to say it to others as well?

Hay. But you know, I love to discover different people's attitude. I feel like it's a big accomplishment once I learned how to distinguish their smiles.

I love reading people's minds and eventually learn what they think even if they are not talking.

Friends tell me, "sometimes you have to smile just for the mere fact of smiling."

I say, "I don't have to let others think that I like them because I'm smiling at them"

Then they dig in "It's not necessary to let them know what you're thinking all the time. Sometimes you need to wear a poker face"

May be I need to do that from now on. Yeah I'll do that. Coz, most of the times, people misinterpret the blankness of the face as "harder to read" when actually it means just it is--- blank, no feeling or anything. Whereas smile, in the real world, is often if not all the time considered as an act of friendliness when the real deal is it's much harder to decode as everyone can smile at you without meaning it.

Now, yeah right, I'm smiling.

Monday, March 9, 2009

princess and frogs

Talking about frogs, here's a really cool song.... I love the lyrics, specially coming from a guy....

Princess and Frogs

you hate men is what you say
and i understand how you feel that way
all girls dream of a fairytale
but what you got's like a used car sales
man, trying to conceal what's wrong
behind a smile and a song
and i'm not saying that boys are not like that
but i think you should know
that some of us will grow

all princes start as frogs
all gentleman as dogs
just wait till it's plain to see
what we're growing up to be..
coz some frogs will still be frogs
some dogs will still be dogs
but some boys can become men
just don't kiss us till then

oh come on! how cool is that? Well, I still believe that I'll meet the right frog for me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

finding the right frog

I used to call 'em frogs.... and sadly they remained frogs.

I've known so many frogs now, hoping each time that one day they'll eventually evolve into something cuter than frog....hahahaha but sadly, I haven't found the right frog for me.

Few months ago, I saw a book Finding the right Frog.... I didn't buy it because I thought I don't really have to. But, now, my friend Jen, said she gonna lend me her "Finding the right Frog" book... and that made me realize, "oh yeah I am wishing so badly to find the right frog for me" ......

...and I wish to meet him soon.

Summer breeze

I used to love Summer but I don't think I have enough enthusiasm this time around to rejoice the season.....

Last night, I was like telling my sister, oh I miss rainy season... and she was like "woah ate, may sakit ka ba? you love summer so much right?" and yeah right I do, I mean I used to. I mean, I would always be the first one to rejoice once it's summer time.... No school, no rain, no wet soil.... Then, my favorite parts; the beach but not swimming pools as I'm not a fan of chlorine... well, the shades, the fruit shakes, the ice cream, woah the sun that always seem to invite people to go out and have fun.... In short, summer is happy for me.

But this time around that summer is very near-approaching, I don't feel the same. Sigh. I know it's weird....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

breaking the habit

As everyone knows, yesterday was my last day at Nuffnang. I'm sad. I'm gonna miss everyone. I'm sad that I wasn't able to say goodbye to everyone in MY and SG. No matter how I wanted, I felt it's kinda awkward if I send a mass mail to them saying, 'I'm gonna leave folks since I know that my boss doesn't like me'.... hah! that was hard but ofcourse I didn't do it to protect "my boss", I never intended to create buzz or anything about me leaving. I'm gonna leave , and so be it. See? I'm a fair person, and I know how to respect.

So, today, first day of my life without Nuffnang. This morning, my eyes were trying hard to open around 8am, the usual time I wake up for work, but I fought it and told myself "you can sleep longer, no work today!" But damn it, the eyes are just so stubborn at didn't want to sleep anymore.

Now, I'm online, talking to people from work.....haaaaaaaaa!!!! I feel like crying actually! It's like the habit is so hard to break. My computer screen is full of ym chats of people from the office not to mention that while typing this entry, Janelle called. Grrr. this is gonna be hard!

One day, and I'm missing them so badly! sigh. I don't have enough strength now to fight the feeling.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Yet another goodbye..

Seven months ago, I decided to look for a job wherein I could stay for years. A job that I would like... A job that I would believe in. Then, Nuffnang came.

I always say I believe in Nuffnang. Three months have passed without me noticing it, considering the fact that I have this 3-month syndrome. From then, I realized, I am actually enjoying the work. Then, 6th month came, the turning point. All my hopes of staying atleast a year in a company was vanished. I am a loyal person, specially to things, to people that I love. But, if I see something wrong or I was wronged, I cannot do anything but move on and move out.

I'm sad about leaving. I'm gonna miss the people here in the office.... Mark, Roanna, Fitz, -members of our team who I believe were all true people, The AE's of Outcomm, not only my favorite Janelle, but all of them, Apple, Ms.Carol, Mina, Prue, Cyrus, Sir Joseph, Sir Troy, who is always smiling... ahaha I know I so love them,what can I do? haha. I'm gonna miss Lorna, the ever-reliable Lorna, the newbie, Paulo, the messengers who always buy me food once I can't go out... Kuya Luigi(haha) and everyone else.... Hay. I'm gonna miss them for sure.

This is why I hate goodbyes. Missing people that became part of my everyday routine really makes me sad.

But, come on there's no goodbyes really, for sure, we'll cross our paths again. Yeah right!

I don't want to make this entry more mushy, it might cause the tears, and I can't.

One thing for sure, no matter what has been the outcome, I'm not regretting anything as I believe, this taught me a very important lesson.

the monkey won and so be it....

The tigress never intended to get rid of the monkey.
She just wanted to stay and do her thing.

She's looking for a place to call home
But she knows from the very start
that the monkey reigns the place.
So, respect was given

Tigress don't like the monkey
However, the monkey doesn't like the tigress either.

They were civil and professional
Or so the tigress thought.

Until the judgment day came.
Monkey said Tigress have not yet proven herself.

From then, Tigress realized monkey was never fair
From the very beginning.

Tigress never intended to get rid of the monkey.

Now, the tigress is ready to move on.

Friday, February 20, 2009

the assassin..

It's like you're expecting to be shot... You already imagined the scenario.... The person who will blow.... The pain you will feel... The gracious way to stop the blood from falling.... but then again, when the moment arrived, you see everything you imagined, you can't help but think, am I still dreaming? The thing is, you felt the pain, it cuts deep, worst than what you imagined. Bulshit, the dream has come true... I was shot.

I'm in pain.

I'm in shock.

There's so many things I wanted to say, but I decided to shut up.

Threw one question.

Received a painful answer.

Looked up.

Composed myself.

Mind and heart both shaking.

Shut up until I cleared my mind.

Then, I'll talk. Words that I know will save me from so much shame that I am feeling now.

But, only one thing I'm sure now. The pain is unbearable.

It's not the pain of the bullet, but the fact that the person really did shoot me.

I know I don't like the person, but at the back of my mind, I was still hoping for a positive, civil, and fair judgment.

Well, I should have learned my lesson. Life is never fair.




Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Champion

Oh my gosh. I just came from the pantry and I picked the newspaper, there was a full-page Talk n Text ad and I was like "Sir (to Sir Joseph who was there as well) champion na ba Talk n Text?" and he replied "oo kagabi apat lamang"....

and again I'll say OH MY GOSH!

Shucks so sad that I wasn't able to watch it last night and instead there I was watching a very jologs film, the worst film I think...Yeah right, you guessed it right, I don't want to mention the title anymore because just the thought of me watching it gives me goosebumps, hahaha but it was Lisa's(my cousin from Japan) request. So, yeah go ahead laugh at me now.

Alright, back to my story, so there, last night was the Game 7 the last game of the series.... so sad that I wasn't able to watch their glorious moment, but whatever, they won,Talk n Text is the champion, and that's what's important.

According to Sir Joseph, Mac-mac, the Captain Hook was Final's MVP, oh how sweet is that? Mac-mac's first championship in PBA and he was the Finals MVP, very sweet!

Surely, there's gonna be replays, oh I hope so...because I really wanna see their faces rejoicing.

Again, congratulations to Mac-mac and the rest of Talk n Text team! I knew you'll be the champion!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Continuation of the Story....

Here goes the continuation of my Love/Hate Part2 entry. Now, I'm done with the love part right?! Hmmm now comes the beefy side. haha. Well, so much of my "kontrabida" side but what can I do?....a stone was thrown at me, what do you think shall I do throw a bread in return? oh please I'm not a marytyr nor a plastic individual who'll act as if it didn't hurt just to look good in front of people.

I was hurt that's why I'm shouting, now bear the annoying sound.

How many times have I mentioned that my motto in life is "what goes around comes around"? So many times actually, now, if I'm acting bad it's because you did me wrong.

Coz, one thing I really hate is when people thinks they can just hate people who are good to them, thinking anytime they can go back to the original set-up. Well, maybe you're wrong, well shall I rephrase that, you're very wrong!

I'm a good friend, but once you did me wrong, sorry I'm such a bad girl. Now, I'll stop. This thing isn't so much of a big deal for me to talk about it the whole week, I was hurt by what happened but I said my piece so that's enough besides I was not hurt by the person. So, that's it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love/Hate Part 2

Due to insistent public demand, yuck! hahaha well, seriously this is due to comments I received about the latest love/hate entry. If you will look closely, there were no comments posted but believe me there are lotsa comments from people, and take note even though those who's not been targeted were making their itsy-bitsy comments. Now, the pleasure is mine: So, here goes more of my love/hate entry.

I will talk about love first.... Alright, it may sound plastic or something, but I do appreciate people as in every little gestures and every little thing they do. Okay, I think I was overwhelmed by the frog last Friday.... I didn't expect it to be that way with the two of us, I mean after a long time, I felt actually at ease with him. Okay enough of that, I think because of that I'm starting to be confused again, hay so many frogs on my way. How will I ever choose the right one? haha.
Then, who else do I love these days? Hmmm, oh yeah the two Capricorns! I love Capricorns, i mean there's something about our sign that makes us bond, there are certain attributes that we all have. Like Ms.Carol, another AE here in Outcomm, I mean we're not close or anything but based on the stories of people, I can say I love her personality! It's like a typical Capricorn, fierce! Plus, well, undoubtedly, she is fierce! Bow! hahaha.. See, I already like her without having the chance to bond with her. But, infairness, everytime we see each other I can feel her aura, her Capricorn aura...specially when she says "ei musta girl?" hahaha sounds like my favorite friend, another Caps Colet. Then, the second of the two Capricorns that I am talking about, Apple, who happens to be another AE of Outcomm haha. Looks like, I'm starting to like the Sales group.... But, honestly, Apple is one typical Capricorn. I cannot mention the reason why I said that though, but I must say she's just like me and the other Capricorns that I know, that's why I like her. haha plus she's a Tiger as well.

Sigh. My love area is long but whatever, that's what I feel this time. How about the hate part? Hmm.... I hate people who... hay. Let me discuss that tomorrow, I don't think I'm in the mood. So tomorrow, the continuation of my Love/Hate Part 2..hahah corny I know!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Learning lesson

I mentioned last time that I am currently hooked on Grey's Anatomy series, and yes I still am struggling to finish the whole series. haha

Anyway, I mentioned that because the series teaches so many lessons and I love it. One particular thing I remember was their Christmas episode.

The episode showed that even though friends, even lovers have their differences. Like Izzy, George and Meredith live in one roof but not all of them believe in celebrating Christmas. Izzy, is pro-Christmas while the two didn't really care much. However, to support their friend, George and Meredith decided to look excited for Christmas.

On the other side, Burke and Cristina who at that time were just starting their relationship and decided to live together easily found their differences. Burke, wanted to celebrate Christmas and actually believes Santa Claus, a fact that Cristina couldn't believe to the point she laughed at this idea. As she self-proclaimed she hates Christmas and Santa Claus for that matter.

My point now is, okay let's say you're Burke who believes in Santa Claus and you found out that your friend strongly opposed the idea of Santa Claus and in fact, abhor the fact that someone believes in Santa Claus? Would it be fair if Burke dumped you for this reason? Is it acceptable to say to your friend "just so you know I hate people who doesn't believe that there is Santa Claus" and hate her like she committed a crime or anyting... Oh come what a shame!!! Where's the logic there?

Let's now turn the wheel, let's say you're Cristina who doesn't believe Santa Claus and your boyfriend or even a friend for that matter says he believes in Santa Claus? Is this enough reason to hate your friend? Just because your friend do believe in what you don't?

See? My point here is that life is never fair, whoever said it is? People are created with different features, and preferences. We just have to learn how to respect one another. Your friend doesn't believe in this then so be it. Coz, if you gonna hate your friends with opposing views all the time, may be one day you'll wake up with no one.

Some people might say, "alone is fine", okay I respect your point, but one question have you respected others point? See, it's all a cycle, what goes around will definitely come back around.

Oh I have to watch Grey's Anatomy more. :)

Championship for Captain Hook

It's Talk n Text vs. Alaska Aces at the KFC PBA Philippine Cup Finals.

Alaska Aces started it strong winning the first 2 games in the Best of Seven Finals and of course as a Mac-mac Cardona loyalist that I am, I was kinda sad but I knew they'll bounce back and yes oh yes they proved that they wanted to taste the most-coveted championship trophy this time winning the 3rd and 4th games. It was sweet, then Alaska woke up from what happened and won the 5th game in the Finals. Last Sunday, Mac-mac and the rest of the Tropang Texters showed their eagerness to win this as they were able to tie the series into 3-3, bringing the championship to Game 7. Woah, exciting? Typically Mac-mac, typically Captain Hook.

I've been a Mac-mac Cardona loyalist for the longest time, since he was playing on UAAP... I mean, I know I am a Tamaraw but once the opponent was him, I transferred side. hahaha. I remember, always asking to give me the Men's Basketball assignment so I could have sidecourt passes of the game specially the championship of FEU vs.DLSU and I can't help myself but to shout once Mac-mac launched his infamous hook shot. I love it and still loving it. One more factor I love about him were his buzzer-beater shots that brought his team to winning..Oh there were lotsa instances that he was the hero!

Today, I'm not able to follow the PBA religiously like UAAP, but my loyalty to the Captain is still alive, I wish and I am praying that they win, specially this could be his first championship in PBA. But whatever happens, he's still Captain Hook, he's still the best, yeah right many people says he's mayabang, but whatever, he's great! hahaha

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shopaholic Moment

For sure, many people now heard that the book Confessions of a Shopaholic is now a movie. Great! What's greater is that Nuffnang is now running a contest for shopaholic girls out there... and now beat this, Nuffnang is giving away a limited Gucci bag to the blogger with best shopaholic entry.... Yupyup, a Gucci bag. Fun? No, it' FABULOUS.

Hahaha, I am so excited for the Nuffnangers and I know they sure gonna like this contest. So, for you out there who wants to join the contest, please refer to this link and who knows, you might be the fabulous owner of this Gucci bag.

Good luck everybody!!!!


Oh come on I think I have used that title gazillion times now. But, whatever, I wanna use it now. haha.

I've mentioned so many times now that there's only two things for me it's either i love a person or i hate 'em, if you don't fall into either of the two, then it means you just don't exist, atleast not in my world which I think many will react, "so what" well, I said FOR ME, not for you. hahaha

Oh well, first talk about HATE.... Oh I'm such a hater, well, because what goes around comes around.... I hate people who hate me period. See? I just turn the table at them. But seriously, I hate people who talks and talks and talks as if they are the best in the world, when the truth is the only field where they are good at is just blabbing. Oh I know so many people like that.... "gosh I'm like this, I'm like that" oh come on why so much of the talk? Is it because of the thing they call insecurity?? Ooooh is it painful? Well, who tells truth doesn't hurt? Ok, I get the "when you have it, flaunt it" idea. But, please make sure you have the "IT" factor, because sometimes, or shall I say most of the times, good people are silent worker and that people who keeps on insisting to others that they are good, are not good, really. All right, I said I'm such a hater, right?! I mean it.

If I'm a hater at times, I'm a loyal lover, and when I love a person, it means, loyalty. ahahhaa. I'm not just talking about love as in l-o-v-e, but love in general. I love people who shares things with me, those people who views life the way I view it. I love people who cares. I love people because I love them, period. haha. I have a list of favorite persons in the world, and I added one person to it. Janelle, the pioneer AE of Outcomm, the queen, has just been added to my list of favorite persons in the world. I mean, I love her! hahaha at first, I think there's no way I'm gonna like her but voila, she's my favorite now....

So, that's it, people I hate and people I love. bow.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


All right, seems like days are running fast, so fast that it's actually February now. Gawd. That was a quick one. Before I knew it, it's already the month that I've been waiting for. Now, few days and I'll be deciding.

I am looking forward for this month for so many reasons and God knows my growth will be depending on the decisions to be made this month. I know for sure that there are always reasons for everything. I have strong faith and that's enough to keep me standing.

However, one thing I noticed, I always feel nostalgic once this stage is near-approaching. It's hard to think about the past because it gives you pain for two reasons; 1. it's painful to think that you can't bring the past back. (no way. because no matter how hard it is, I believe you shouldn't regret anything) 2. it's hard to think of happy moments because eventually it'll hurt you afterwards. Sigh. But I guess, past is always included on your future. To be able to move forward, you shall appreciate your past without bitterness.

Now, I'm about to make a decision again, nothing to worry about though. I trust myself enough. Once my heart says no, it's really a no. And when my mind says not anymore it means move on.

Monday, January 26, 2009

the best feng shui tip....

I decided to believe Feng Shui this time around.... I think it's fun, I mean there's no harm in trying plus people around here in the office like Apple and Janelle are fun to listen to once they start talking about Feng Shui tips...

Specially, Apple is a Tiger like me, so she shared her Feng Shui book about Tigers. From there, I found lotsa cool tips. She said, our lucky color is red, and guess what, my nail is polished with red, bloody red for that matter! hahaa....

I'm also wearing a 9-eyed dzi now, and soon to buy a buddha as Apple said we need that. I'm really so into this right now, and I need to have a compass to track where's my lucky direction...
Yeah that's how I believe in this Feng Shui thingee. and one more thing Monkey is our enemy....ooooh where are the monkeys? wahahaha

But most of all, I believe, the most important secret to a happy life is to stay away from negative vibes. Since forever, I believe in this. I don't like to be around negative-minded people. I mean there's so many people who have problems, so why in the world whine like you're the only person suffering?! That's not good and I am complaining because it's not just bad for themselves but for other people around them as well.

Okay so there you go, Kung Hei Fat Choi to all!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bride Wars:

Last Friday, we watched Bride Wars, and whatelse can I say, it's FUNNY!

All my friends know that Kade Hudson is my favorite, and that's actually the main reason why I watched the movie. Her presence is just enough to make me laugh like crazy.

Funny, in deed, I can't help myself but laugh and laugh so hard until my jaw and my stomach hurt. Hahaha. The movie is just mababaw, but that's what I need right now... A simple story that can make me laugh effortlessly. Take a time out from all the seriousness in the world.

Bride wars is about bestfriends who found themselves in a conflict because of their dream weddings. It teaches us that sometimes all we have to do is give and take. The wheel is round and it have to keep turning for it to move forward.

Oh well, see it actually has a message!haha.

Anyways, I will not get tired of saying that it's funny. it's funny. it's funny actually! haha.

Kate specially is effortlessly funny. Like when she saw her blue hair,oh gosh hilarious, and when she ran to his fiance's office to force him to propose... gawd, her line was something like "oh this is out of nowhere! haha. In fairness to Anne, she has her moments on the movie also. haha, see I don't sound sincere. Yeah right, I was never fair. But, here's the thing their confrontation moment in the restaurant was so real! I mean it really happens in girl's friendship. Plus, again, it's funny!

Anyways, here are some pictures from the movie. Again, I'll say the movie is good and of course both of them are gorgeous!

Some hilarious quotes from the movie:

Emma: [to Liv] Your wedding's gonna be huge, just like your ass at prom.

Liv: Your wedding can suck it.

Liv: If I were your wedding, I'd be sleeping with one eye open...

Liv: My hair!!! My hair is blue!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Welcome 2009!! It's a brand new year and it's time for some work work work.......

I am very thankful for my 2008. I am very thankful for all the things that happened to me, whether good or bad.... Every little things contributed to the totality of me as a person... and for that I am happy and expectant for a good 2009.

One good thing about my 2008 is because of Nuffnang... I wish to have a more successful year this 2009 for Nuffnang and for all the Nuffnangers!!!

Cheers to Nuffnang!!!

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