Thursday, March 19, 2009

picking up the pieces

I know, I said three weeks. Now, I'm on my third week but haven't pick up any pieces.

Again, I know, it's all my fault. haha. too lazy as always.

Yeah right, I think I'm on my way to my recovery now, since I had three long weeks of drama and vulnerability from everything that happened.

I am now starting to listen to other songs besides I Stay in Love with You by Mariah Carey...hahaha my sister was very annoyed for the past weeks of hearing that song over and over again... but last Monday, I started to listen to other songs....

Tuesday, I am so decided that I'll go out but not just to have lunch or meet friends but actually to look for a job... But, come on when I woke up Tuesday morning, it's raining cats and dogs....hahaha I don't know if it's a sign or something but I really really hate going out when it's raining. so there, first time since I move out of work, I stayed at home the whole day.

Wednesday, I woke up really early, get dressed and when I saw my sister she said, they don't have classes that day... Oh come on, another temptation... She said, we shall just watch Sundo which opened that day... So, the ending, yeah right changed clothes to casual and go straight to the mall and watch Sundo. hahaha and shop all day.

Today, I gave up, I'll just postpone my job hunting to next week. I swear to look for a job next week. I swear by my own magaw.... hahhahaa

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