Sunday, March 15, 2009

poker face

Sometimes, it's hard to distinguish a smile from an ordinary smile. I mean, how would you know if the smile is special if the person is smiling to everyone else.

Hay. That's always been my dilemma.

People know me as a not so friendly individual, and that fact actually makes me easier to read... I smile at you then I like you as a person. Blank eyes then I don't like you. That's it. I say you're my favorite if you are.... Some of my crew is like that as well, but I think many of them are actually the opposite.

Haha, I respect them the way they are but sometimes I can't help but wonder, " why does he/she needs to be friendly to all people even if they are not really close?" So, how would I discover if a person is special to him/her or not? How would I know if he/she is telling the truth when he/she says I'm his/her favorite if he/she has the tendency to say it to others as well?

Hay. But you know, I love to discover different people's attitude. I feel like it's a big accomplishment once I learned how to distinguish their smiles.

I love reading people's minds and eventually learn what they think even if they are not talking.

Friends tell me, "sometimes you have to smile just for the mere fact of smiling."

I say, "I don't have to let others think that I like them because I'm smiling at them"

Then they dig in "It's not necessary to let them know what you're thinking all the time. Sometimes you need to wear a poker face"

May be I need to do that from now on. Yeah I'll do that. Coz, most of the times, people misinterpret the blankness of the face as "harder to read" when actually it means just it is--- blank, no feeling or anything. Whereas smile, in the real world, is often if not all the time considered as an act of friendliness when the real deal is it's much harder to decode as everyone can smile at you without meaning it.

Now, yeah right, I'm smiling.

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collegianoptimist said...

yes its true. sumtyms its dificult to smile at anyone, specialy if u only know d person by name not by heart. smile means "connection". even f u dont know that person well u could still smile, as others said, just 4 d sake of it. u will not know how important a smile is, until u cant do it anymore. smile even if others misinterpret it as a "grimace". sigh!

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