Sunday, March 8, 2009

finding the right frog

I used to call 'em frogs.... and sadly they remained frogs.

I've known so many frogs now, hoping each time that one day they'll eventually evolve into something cuter than frog....hahahaha but sadly, I haven't found the right frog for me.

Few months ago, I saw a book Finding the right Frog.... I didn't buy it because I thought I don't really have to. But, now, my friend Jen, said she gonna lend me her "Finding the right Frog" book... and that made me realize, "oh yeah I am wishing so badly to find the right frog for me" ......

...and I wish to meet him soon.


Jeff said...

Have you heard of the song 'Princes and Frogs'(Underdog Mix) by Superchick?

camille said...

guess what i'm about to blog about that song... hahaha nice one!

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