Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Christmas....

It's Christmas once more, my most favorite time of the year!!! I'm such a kid at heart, I love Christmas spirit, I love giving gifts, I love receiving gifts, I love Christmas parties, I love the festivities...and most of all, yeah right it so happened that it's my birthday as well....

Two more days and it's Christmas, I'm so excited to have a short vacation, it means rest. finally! I need that, I think. It's not that I am complaining or some thing, because I swear I love what I'm doing. It's just that I need a break, I need to sleep more. I need to bum around...hahaha

For next year, I still don't know my plans.... I'm starting to be attached and I don't know what are the consequences I have to face.

Let's not think about tomorrow, Im the type of person who thinks of today more than anything else.... I believe that it's the secret to be happy. So, enjoy the holidays, have a Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday to me!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

JC is the First Pinoy Sole Survivor

and then it's official ----- JC is the First Pinoy Sole Survivor.

I personally think that Rob deserved to win the title however, it's undeniable that JC has been the most consistent castaway in terms of their challenges.

Well, good job JC, from a goodie goodie school boy to a 3M-richer plus pogi points for the brand new car. hehehee you truly a survived!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Final Two

Thank God, Rob didn't disappoint me and for sure everyone else in terms of his choice for the Final 2 in Survivor Philippines. Despite the obvious strength, the possibility that the good boy will get more votes from the jury, despite the fact that JC is simply the strongest...... Rob still chose him to be with him in the Final 2 slots... and what can I say? Bravo!

Come to think of it, it could've been no sweat for Rob to choose Charisse... Then, Naak and Jarakay votes may be then mattered (possibly). However, he stayed true to his words, to his promises, to his alliance, to JC, most especially.

For that, I think, Rob has the qualities of a true survivor.... Surviving with a good strategy - to stay in the middle, so no one would notice and treat him as a threat, but at the same time, not pretending or begging to be weak. Lastly, he's been very consistent with every promises he made. He stayed true to his alliance. He never broke anyone's trust. Therefore, my vote to be the first Pinoy Sole Survivor, is ROB!!! Hahaha as if my vote mattered? Oh well, that's just my opinion, but nevertheless JC is also deserving, it's just that this time, this scenario, Rob shines brighter.

How about you? Who do you think will be the First Pinoy Sole Survivor?

Will it be the good boy JC?


Will it be the so-called "ampaw" Rob

Monday, December 8, 2008

Who will be the First Pinoy Sole Survivor?

Okay, it's been proven, that I am an avid follower of Survivor Philippines....and now, the end is near approaching, only 3 left, and later it will be the Final 2, the question now is WHO WILL BE THE FIRST PINOY SOLE SURVIVOR?

Rob won the immunity challenge last time, and for the very last time he was able to redeem himself from such shame of being "ampaw".... He won, and it's up to him if who will be the other one on the most coveted Final 2 spots.

I don't like Rob, admittedly he's annoying sometimes, specially when he starts his yabang mode, and he's super annoying whenever he's among the first ones to lose in the challenge..because look at his built???

However, if we will look closely Rob is one person in the island that stayed true to his words...

1. He never betrayed Kiko, even if he's the prime suspect in Kiko's mind.
2. He stayed true to the Naak alliance.
3. When everyone's being paranoid and confused to whom will they trust, he chose JC to be his solid alliance.
> when he noticed Kaye is starting to move against JC, he warned JC and then Kaye was out.
> same as Nanay Zita... in fairness, it was Nanay Zita who first said that he'll vote out JC so that's why as a true friend, Rob told JC and Nanay Zita was out. It was nobody's fault it's like what goes around comes around. Nanay Zita wanted JC out then JC decided to vote out Nanay Zita. It's just that JC is stronger in terms of alliance.
4. Cris was a traitor so he agreed with JC to vote out Cris.

Now, the very last question is will he remain true until the end? Will he choose JC in the final 2 despite the fact that JC is very strong?

However, JC, undeniably has been the most consistent castaway in every challenges and he's loyal as well.

But, his loyalty and competitiveness have cons as well.

1. Jace will surely not vote for him to be the first sole survivor, thinking JC is the reason why he's out.
2. Kaye and Nanay Zita will not vote for him as well thinking nilaglag sila ni JC
3. Marlon will not give his vote to JC as well, thinking "masyado na syang pinagpala"
4. Coach Veronica will be most likely think Rob is more deserving since he's the dark horse of the game.

Ending? People who will vote for JC are:
1. Kiko - thinking Rob was a traitor
2. Cris - he just hate ampaw
3. Cha - wala lang, hahaha

Sigh. All of the things I said here were just my own speculations and opinions. I like JC to win but I think Rob is deserving of the title as well giving him the credits of very wise tactics and being a loyal and trustworthy person. Hay whatever, it doesn't matter if it's JC or Rob, just please not Charisse.

I am darn excited for the finals this Friday.....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sam is back!!! Woohoo!

Sam Oh is back on radio!!!!! Woohoo, Yey! Yey! Yey!

I haven't listen to the radio these past few days until last Monday, my sister told me that Sam is back on air at 99.5 rt... and I said, "di nga?"

So I listened and yes oh yes it's my favorite Sam Oh, talking on the radio and I must say she's funny as ever!

I am just so happy that she's back and happier because she's on a better time slot 9:00am-12:00nn so I have the chance to listen to her everyday!

That's it! I am just rejoicing that finally I have reason to listen to radio again....

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