Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last night, Charles and I watched the premiere night of Twilight at Robinsons Galleria, and three words for it 1. Oh 2. My 3. Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha I love it to death!

I haven't read the book so I can't compare the movie from the book just yet. But I must say the movie is really good. I love their story and there's so many lines that I just find sweet, very sweet.

"...seems like I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore"

-Edward Cullen

"...whereelse would I be?"

-Edward Cullen

Shucks!!! I love him so much!!! hehehe I know I'm being exaggerated here but you know I really like the movie!

My favorite scene would be Edward watching Bella sleep, awww sweetness.

Good thing, we were able to watch at the premiere night because I know for sure that movie theaters will be all jam-packed! But then again, I want to watch it again........... hmmmm

Again, my thanks to Robinsons Movieworld for the invite to the Twilight movie premiere

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am a hopeless romantic kind of person. I'm cheesy, to the point of being corny sometimes. I love songs that have cheesy meanings, and I easily associate a person with a song. I remember our Junior prom, Wroyen and I danced in tune of When You say nothing at all by Ronan Keating (gawd excuse my cheesiness) from then, I always remember him when I hear the song.

I love keeping small things to remind me of a date/ a person. Table napkins, candy wrappers, gift wrappers, small notes, every little things like those, I have it. But, the top thing on my mind right now was last year when my crush unexpectedly gave me chocolate for Christmas. I was really surprised because we're not really close, I mean he's just my crush! Then out of nowhere, he handed me the chocolate. Ok it's no big deal but as I've said, I'm cheesy, and I'm corny. haha. So, I asked him to write me a note so I can keep it. (as if I can keep the chocolate and not eat it forever?! haha) Then, he's so kind to actually did what I said, and I was really touched. But, here's the denoument, when I went home and looked for the card, it's gone. Unfortunate me. I was so oa that I was whinning about it all night. Hay. I wasn't able to find it so now, the chocolate wrapper is still with me, as a remembrance. haha see?! that's unbelievably crazy!

I also keep sweet nothing text messages. Sometimes, I tend to be nostalgic as well. I mean, look at my antique fone and there's a message dated Jan.05, again I'll say craaaazy!!!

Ok ok there's lot more craziest stories I have but I won't discuss it anymore, I am a cheesy
person but I also value privacy. :)

Most of all, I love chic flicks, I love that kind of movies and tv series. But, what make it more special are the lines which will hit you bull's eye.

Here's my list of top 10 Memorable Lines/ Scenes in Movies/TV Series

From the movie: Girl Next Door

"What's the craziest thing you've done lately?"

From the tv series Dawson's Creek:

Joey: I expected you to say good-bye.
Pacey: Right. The good-bye scene. I come to you, heart in hand, and announce my plans. You stare at me, pained. But then the Potter sarcasm kicks in. And I walk off, never getting what I came for.

I love it to death! I love Pacey and I love how he said those lines... awww, can I just melt now? Haha

From the movie How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Ben: You wanted to lose a guy in 10 days, congratulations you did it. You just lost him
Andie: No I didn't Ben, cause you can't lose something you never had!
Oh so touching!

From the movie: How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days
My most favorite scene in the film was when they were in the bathroom looking eyes to eyes and when Ben is starting to remove Andie's shirt that was full of dirt the song "Feels like Home" fading up.... geez. So sweet! Speechless. I'm just always stunned everytime I watch that particular scene. (Now, look for the video in YouTube)...

From the movie: 10 Things I hate About You

"... but mostly, I hate the way that I don't hate you...not even close...not even a little bit... not even at all!"

I just watched the movie again last night, and oh my gosh I just so love the lines.... It's so so so so true!

From the movie: If Only

"I don't wanna be adored..... I wanna be loved"

And yes it is absolutely true.

From the TV Series: Gossip Girl

"... 3 words, 8 letters, say it, and I'm yours."

Oh my gosh! Blair Waldorf isn't just the queen bee, she's the drama queen as well. Love it love it!

From the movie: My Sassy Girl (Korean version)
Their 100th day wherein Sassy Girl asked Gyun-woo to go to their school with a rose. Gyun-woo came in disguised pretending to deliver Chinese noodles. When he reached the classroom, the girl, started to play the piano with the song Canon in D Major.... Then slowly as he walking close to the girl he's removing his cover-ups starting with his shades, then got the rose, walk, remove his cap, walk, remove his nose-mask, and walked slowly towards the girl.

From the movie: My Sassy Girl (Korean version)

The scene wherein they decided to leave separately. The girl asked Gyun-woo to take the first train and as always Gyun-woo did what he was told but after few moments, he decided to jump out the train same time the girl decided to take the train. The ending? Sassy girl took the first train and Gyun-woo left alone.

It really happens in real life. You say one thing to find out you can't do it so you'll change the rule only to find out that the other person changed the rule as well, so it left you two in different paths.

From the movie: Daisy (Korean)

The scene wherein Daisy guy was watching the girl from afar. Rented an apartment where he could see the girl painting in the streets. Drinking coffee same time the girl's drinking hers. Waving goodbye everytime the girl leaves as if he's being noticed. Reading books about painting since the girl is into painting and so that he will not look dumb in front of her.

And I say O.M.G this is my most favorite movie of all time. It's about unconditional love and that is just amazing to know that in this world, it is possible, because I believe in unconditional love.....

These are my favorite lines/scenes in movies. I know I love chic flicks so much but whatever I really feel good everytime I watch these kind of films.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Memorable Event

I am personally happy with the outcome of the very first movie premiere of Nuffnang Philippines via the movie Burn After Reading.

I was all excited and happy at the same time that finally we pull it over. Yeah! Thanks to the support of Nuffnangers whom Im very giddy to meet as well. Next, I was thankful to the people whose very helpful to this project most especially Charles, Mark, even Fitz, and the funny and equally kind Lorna, also Ampe. Also to Viva, and Robinsons Movieworld people who made all this possible.

(Charles, Me, Fitz and Mark - all smiles kame))

(With a Nuffnanger)

(with Sir Jay, Nuffnang's Chairman)

Anyway, I wanted to have a detailed post here but I already did that on Nuffnang website so I'll just give the link:

It was truly a memorable night and I know this is just the beginning because there are more events coming for the bloggers. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally a Movie Premiere for Nuffnang Philippines

YES!!!! Nuffnang Philippines will hold it's very first Movie Premiere for the bloggers. oh gosh, I can't express how happy and excited I am... I feel like crying. (haha oa)

When I applied here at Nuffnang, bosses showed me tons and tons of movie events that are taking place in Malaysia and Singapore, and as a movie fan or let's just say an event-enthusiast that I am, I got very excited....

And now, finally, it's happening here!!!! I am so happy for the bloggers because I'm sure this will start everything!!! Yey!!!

Of course this wouldn't be possible without the joint effort of everyone here at Nuffnang, who's been supportive and all, plus special mention to Charles and Mark, who are both very helpful to this project even though their job descriptions don't call for it, doing the poster, the trailer and a lot more!!!

Also to Viva Movies for giving us the rights for the movie promo, Robinsons Movieworld where we will hold the premiere. Oh my gosh, am I doing a speech here, haha sorry but I'm just really so happy about this.

Ofcourse to all the Nuffnangers whom I hope will be as happy and as excited as I am.

Cheers to us! Let's have more movie premiere nights together!!!

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the very first Movie Premiere Night of Nuffnang Philippines

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading starring Brad Pitt, and George Clooney, how cool is that?

For more info please check the official entry of Nuffnang Philippines here

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oust the traitors!!!

It's now official... Kiko was voted out. Naak no more. Traitors covering their faces. Opponents rejoicing. Drama. and more Drama.

It's the most painful tribal council yet. Bulshit. Kiko was out. Shoot the traitors. Grrr.. I am really devastated to Kaye and Cris most especially Cris. Grr....

Damn! I hate how Marlon smiled everytime Paolo opened a vote for Kiko. Grrr... He should've been ousted, IF and only IF all the Naak members stay true to their words.

Then here comes the twist, Paolo gave Kiko the black ball as a symbol of 1 vote on the next tribal council... and surprisingly Kiko gave it to Rob.

I'll admit, Kiko's decision was kinda off... He should've think of Naak til the end. But come to think of it, before they went to the tribal council, he was thinking that Rob was starting to act weird and from there Kiko and JC were thinking, maybe Rob would break his promise to the tribe. However, the idea will not be pushed through if not because someone pulled the trigger, and it was Charisse who is playing dirty all along,.

She appears to be an ally in front of Kiko's face but what voted him out twice? Come on, Kiko was clueless on that.

Now, why are you crying Charisse? If you didn't voted out Kiko, then he will not be out of the island, now, what's with the tears? Yeah right, your a player.

But what's done is done. Kiko, left thinking that Rob was the traitor, that's why he gave the black ball. Now, Rob is boiling mad. Nanay Zita, confused why Kiko did that.

Coach veronica defended Kiko's decision (thank God, someone is still thinking straightly) but nevertheless, Naak is never whole again.

Kaye, I was hoping very hard that you will be conscientious enough because of the group's gestures when they came back. But, still, you voted out Kiko.

Now, it looks like your conscience is eating you, looks like you're being too emotional leads you to the decision of voting off Kiko.

Still, nothing will change, you voted out Kiko, and now he's out.

But here's what I will say, Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Judas of all Judas, even worst because the traitor is covering his face, still acting innocent --- he's none other than CRIS!!!!

Before Kiko left, he was telling JC and Cris how he feels that Rob is starting to act weird, then what did Cris do? Tell Rob. Bravo.

For crying out loud, where's the logic in his statement that he was not the one who broke the promise of FOR THE BOYS? Why? Because JC chose Kiko, Rob, and Nanay Zita
to join him on the secret destination??? ooooh... WOuld that be enough? Does it mean that they broke the promise? Why Cris, did they say bad about you?

Can't you understand that only 3 were allowed to join? Were you jealous that JC chose Nanay Zita over you? Oh please... JC got a very fair explanation he wanted Nanay Zita to feel a little pampering, and he chose the two boys over you and Kaye because they didn't win anything on the bidding challenge, unlike you who was able to drink a fruit shake, and Kaye who got leche flan. Now, where's the "they broke the for the boys promise"

Shit, and now, Cris has the guts to tell the remaining Naak, "hindi naman natin masasabi kung sino, kahit ako nagulat" what a shame!!!

If I were to decide, even though I hate Marlon to the max, I would choose Cris to be ousted on the next tribal council.... He's a traitor of it's worst kind.

Grr... I can't take his words like "ako may isang salita" ows? and one more "marunong ako tumupad sa pangako" hindi nga?

Haaay. this entry is so dramatic and full of emotions since I really can't believe what's happening to the show. Who would've think that the solid Naak will be broken like it is now, and who would've thought that one of the 6 remaining Naak members will be voted out when they were against only 3 Jarakay members, and the biggest surprise no one expected was that the leader of Naak will be that one to be voted out by the group. Hay. Ang bigat.

It's like, you really don't know what's gonna happen next.

Even though I hate some of their deeds, I must say, they did a great job hooking the emotions of viewers, like me.

I admit, I am so affected by the show. I feel like it's really what's happening in real life.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More of Survivor...

My gosh, this show is really making me crazy... to the highest level...

I am reading some recaps of Friday's episode since like I mentioned I wasn't able to watch it... And my gawd, I was like "oh, huh, what, oh no, syet!" those were the words that came out of my mouth to express my astonishment, my cluelessness, my excitment, my surprise above all.

Shame, there's so many things happening, everyone's doing their own thing to survive. With all of these, one person (if my observation serves me right) is on the target, they're all targeting Kiko.... huhuhuhu.... I feel for Kiko, he gives his trust to people not knowing that they'll stab him to the deepest nerve of his body... again huhuhuhu.....

I am so excited to know what will happen later. I am hoping that Kiko will not be the one who will go home, but seems like everything is pointing at him as the next castoff. :(

The Excitement about Survivor Philippines

Last Friday, I wasn't able to watch Survivor Philippines because I had a some kinda Friday thingee... but the whole time I was thinking, "sino natanggal sa survivor?". Some point, I was regretting that I didn't bring the laptop with me so I could watch it online, but come on that's so much of a burden for me... So, later that evening, I was kinda texting people to ask who was voted off... but, those people happened to be out of their houses as well for crying out loud!!!! hay. so Saturday afternoon, while scanning the TV still not knowing the answer to my million dollar question, I saw the commercial of Survivor, and that shocked me to death... I was like "woah no way!!"

Alright, I'm overreacting, but here's what happeneed, nobody was voted out, just yet. Why? Coz, Paolo just read the votes of 8 castaways, Marlon, got 4 votes and Kiko got 4 votes as well, 1 vote still to be announced. WHOA!! Kiko got 4? What the ??? Here's the thing, there 6 Naak members left, and 3 Jarakay members. Supposedly maximum of 3 votes, a member of Naak will get, in this case it's Kiko. But 4 ??? It only means 1 thing, there's a traitor!!!! Shucks!! The question now is, is it only one? or the two Naak members Cris and Kaye both backstabbed Kiko? Shitness....

I am hoping that Kaye would stick to Naak after how Nanay Zita approached them specially her when they came back...

Come on, so many things are possible to happen, specially seeing the very controversial teaser, Rob boiling mad. Charisse and Kaye crying. Oooooh what's that??

We'll find out all the answer later, one vote will decide everything.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Traitors --- bang bang

What I hate most is a traitor... I really really hate 'em... If you can't agree with a person then just say so, or if you can't, then you shut up, but never ever say yes when in the first place, you're thinking of no as your answer...

Alright, I'm so into this because of my favorite tv show Survivor Philippines.... Since the beginning I am cheering for Naak, as I keep on telling every single time Coach Veronica is one of my favorite persons in the world, but she's not my Survivor Philippines winner. Why? Coz of the reason that she belonged to Jarakay tribe who did nothing but form alliance and deceive people. However, I believe she's not of the most annoying persons in the tribe.

Okay back to Naak, I believe in their group, I love them all... But how come, Kaye and Cris, are on the verge of backstabbing the group and for crying out loud planning Kiko and Nanay Zita to vote out of the island, what the ???

Why Cris? You mentioned during early part of SP, that you are 100% Naak... How's that now? And Kaye? You said, you trust Kiko so much, so what's with your whinning that he's so bossy and all? Huh! I can't understand them, just because they were not chosen by JC to the secret destination? Oooh that's too much of your revenge.

Ok maybe that's happening because of the words of the Jarakay team specially the most annoying Marlon... but come on? will the two of them really vote out one of their fellow Naak? oh no please....

I am so affected everytime I watch the show. Hay. Let's see what will happen next...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

it's the time of the year

It feels like it's just yesterday that I was so eager and determined to complete the stickers on my Starbucks Card for the 2008 Starbucks Planner and now it's ON again.... The card is now available for the Starbucks-enthusiast to complete.... and yes you guess it right, I'm game for the challenge and I have 2 stickers now hahaha. Good news is there's only 16 spaces to be filled unlike the previous years which requires 24 stickers.... so that makes it easier this time around, specially the special flavor side... :)

No matter what others say that the Starbucks Planner is now becoming "the generic planner", I don't care, all I care is that I want the planner, whether or not everybody has it.

By the way, time flies really fast. I feel it very much.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Masarap Makihalo...specially this Summer

I’m like GSM Blue that is perfectly mix with mango juice who is like my friend Nicollette. I am the strong type in our barkada and she’s the sweet type - comedienne.

Together, we can use each other’s key points to achieve something. Like, I remember, during our thesis, we were partners, and during those times we were serious in doing the paper works but at the same time we had time for fun specially when we were drinking GSM Blue.

We believe that life is perfect with a good mixture like GSM Blue: Masarap Makihalo specially this summer.

Monday, November 3, 2008

HKDL totally rocks!!!

Hey hey hey, have you seen the cute ad below my post?!!! Oh my GOSH, I have Hongkong Disneyland ad.... and I say YEY!!!!

Yey yey yey!!!! Alright, I'm acting like a child here but who cares? I'm still a kid you know? I've always been a fan of cartoons, I love Mickey Mouse and I love Donald Duck, I love Disney characters..... all of them! That's why I am so happy that I am now one of the bloggers who carry the HKDL ad. That's what you call AWESOME!!!

Disneyland is totally the happiest place on earth, not just for kids but for everybody. Now, could I just spend my birthday at HKDL? hahahaha....

Please see the ad below and click it... click click click people!!! You'll love it! It's so amazing, you'll feel, you're in Disneyland.

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