Sunday, November 9, 2008

More of Survivor...

My gosh, this show is really making me crazy... to the highest level...

I am reading some recaps of Friday's episode since like I mentioned I wasn't able to watch it... And my gawd, I was like "oh, huh, what, oh no, syet!" those were the words that came out of my mouth to express my astonishment, my cluelessness, my excitment, my surprise above all.

Shame, there's so many things happening, everyone's doing their own thing to survive. With all of these, one person (if my observation serves me right) is on the target, they're all targeting Kiko.... huhuhuhu.... I feel for Kiko, he gives his trust to people not knowing that they'll stab him to the deepest nerve of his body... again huhuhuhu.....

I am so excited to know what will happen later. I am hoping that Kiko will not be the one who will go home, but seems like everything is pointing at him as the next castoff. :(

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