Monday, November 10, 2008

Oust the traitors!!!

It's now official... Kiko was voted out. Naak no more. Traitors covering their faces. Opponents rejoicing. Drama. and more Drama.

It's the most painful tribal council yet. Bulshit. Kiko was out. Shoot the traitors. Grrr.. I am really devastated to Kaye and Cris most especially Cris. Grr....

Damn! I hate how Marlon smiled everytime Paolo opened a vote for Kiko. Grrr... He should've been ousted, IF and only IF all the Naak members stay true to their words.

Then here comes the twist, Paolo gave Kiko the black ball as a symbol of 1 vote on the next tribal council... and surprisingly Kiko gave it to Rob.

I'll admit, Kiko's decision was kinda off... He should've think of Naak til the end. But come to think of it, before they went to the tribal council, he was thinking that Rob was starting to act weird and from there Kiko and JC were thinking, maybe Rob would break his promise to the tribe. However, the idea will not be pushed through if not because someone pulled the trigger, and it was Charisse who is playing dirty all along,.

She appears to be an ally in front of Kiko's face but what voted him out twice? Come on, Kiko was clueless on that.

Now, why are you crying Charisse? If you didn't voted out Kiko, then he will not be out of the island, now, what's with the tears? Yeah right, your a player.

But what's done is done. Kiko, left thinking that Rob was the traitor, that's why he gave the black ball. Now, Rob is boiling mad. Nanay Zita, confused why Kiko did that.

Coach veronica defended Kiko's decision (thank God, someone is still thinking straightly) but nevertheless, Naak is never whole again.

Kaye, I was hoping very hard that you will be conscientious enough because of the group's gestures when they came back. But, still, you voted out Kiko.

Now, it looks like your conscience is eating you, looks like you're being too emotional leads you to the decision of voting off Kiko.

Still, nothing will change, you voted out Kiko, and now he's out.

But here's what I will say, Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Judas of all Judas, even worst because the traitor is covering his face, still acting innocent --- he's none other than CRIS!!!!

Before Kiko left, he was telling JC and Cris how he feels that Rob is starting to act weird, then what did Cris do? Tell Rob. Bravo.

For crying out loud, where's the logic in his statement that he was not the one who broke the promise of FOR THE BOYS? Why? Because JC chose Kiko, Rob, and Nanay Zita
to join him on the secret destination??? ooooh... WOuld that be enough? Does it mean that they broke the promise? Why Cris, did they say bad about you?

Can't you understand that only 3 were allowed to join? Were you jealous that JC chose Nanay Zita over you? Oh please... JC got a very fair explanation he wanted Nanay Zita to feel a little pampering, and he chose the two boys over you and Kaye because they didn't win anything on the bidding challenge, unlike you who was able to drink a fruit shake, and Kaye who got leche flan. Now, where's the "they broke the for the boys promise"

Shit, and now, Cris has the guts to tell the remaining Naak, "hindi naman natin masasabi kung sino, kahit ako nagulat" what a shame!!!

If I were to decide, even though I hate Marlon to the max, I would choose Cris to be ousted on the next tribal council.... He's a traitor of it's worst kind.

Grr... I can't take his words like "ako may isang salita" ows? and one more "marunong ako tumupad sa pangako" hindi nga?

Haaay. this entry is so dramatic and full of emotions since I really can't believe what's happening to the show. Who would've think that the solid Naak will be broken like it is now, and who would've thought that one of the 6 remaining Naak members will be voted out when they were against only 3 Jarakay members, and the biggest surprise no one expected was that the leader of Naak will be that one to be voted out by the group. Hay. Ang bigat.

It's like, you really don't know what's gonna happen next.

Even though I hate some of their deeds, I must say, they did a great job hooking the emotions of viewers, like me.

I admit, I am so affected by the show. I feel like it's really what's happening in real life.

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