Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally a Movie Premiere for Nuffnang Philippines

YES!!!! Nuffnang Philippines will hold it's very first Movie Premiere for the bloggers. oh gosh, I can't express how happy and excited I am... I feel like crying. (haha oa)

When I applied here at Nuffnang, bosses showed me tons and tons of movie events that are taking place in Malaysia and Singapore, and as a movie fan or let's just say an event-enthusiast that I am, I got very excited....

And now, finally, it's happening here!!!! I am so happy for the bloggers because I'm sure this will start everything!!! Yey!!!

Of course this wouldn't be possible without the joint effort of everyone here at Nuffnang, who's been supportive and all, plus special mention to Charles and Mark, who are both very helpful to this project even though their job descriptions don't call for it, doing the poster, the trailer and a lot more!!!

Also to Viva Movies for giving us the rights for the movie promo, Robinsons Movieworld where we will hold the premiere. Oh my gosh, am I doing a speech here, haha sorry but I'm just really so happy about this.

Ofcourse to all the Nuffnangers whom I hope will be as happy and as excited as I am.

Cheers to us! Let's have more movie premiere nights together!!!

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the very first Movie Premiere Night of Nuffnang Philippines

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading starring Brad Pitt, and George Clooney, how cool is that?

For more info please check the official entry of Nuffnang Philippines here


LIZZIE said...


I'm so excited for you Camille. I'm sure you'd have a whole lotta fun, just like me.. And since we're fellow nuffnangers, let's help each other in increasing our earning yah! It wouldn't hurt, I'm sure..


AudreyRose said...

Goodluck!!! Hope you can make it to the the 50 bloggers :)

C'ya at the event. Just hope that my friend can make it too hehehe...

Jehzeel Laurente said...

see yah camille :D

Aethen said...

I won 2 tickets but missed the premiere. sad. at work.

Jeff said...

Was glad to have seen the movie. I'm looking forward to more events from Nuffnang! Thanks for organizing that for us bloggers. So were you there?

Jeff said...

After looking at your profile, I think you were at the premiere. You were the one who welcomed everyone and was the host. Right?

camille said...

Yes I was there Jeff, and yup you're right I was the host... thanks for supporting Nuffnang! see you next events!!

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