Thursday, November 6, 2008

Traitors --- bang bang

What I hate most is a traitor... I really really hate 'em... If you can't agree with a person then just say so, or if you can't, then you shut up, but never ever say yes when in the first place, you're thinking of no as your answer...

Alright, I'm so into this because of my favorite tv show Survivor Philippines.... Since the beginning I am cheering for Naak, as I keep on telling every single time Coach Veronica is one of my favorite persons in the world, but she's not my Survivor Philippines winner. Why? Coz of the reason that she belonged to Jarakay tribe who did nothing but form alliance and deceive people. However, I believe she's not of the most annoying persons in the tribe.

Okay back to Naak, I believe in their group, I love them all... But how come, Kaye and Cris, are on the verge of backstabbing the group and for crying out loud planning Kiko and Nanay Zita to vote out of the island, what the ???

Why Cris? You mentioned during early part of SP, that you are 100% Naak... How's that now? And Kaye? You said, you trust Kiko so much, so what's with your whinning that he's so bossy and all? Huh! I can't understand them, just because they were not chosen by JC to the secret destination? Oooh that's too much of your revenge.

Ok maybe that's happening because of the words of the Jarakay team specially the most annoying Marlon... but come on? will the two of them really vote out one of their fellow Naak? oh no please....

I am so affected everytime I watch the show. Hay. Let's see what will happen next...

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