Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Excitement about Survivor Philippines

Last Friday, I wasn't able to watch Survivor Philippines because I had a some kinda Friday thingee... but the whole time I was thinking, "sino natanggal sa survivor?". Some point, I was regretting that I didn't bring the laptop with me so I could watch it online, but come on that's so much of a burden for me... So, later that evening, I was kinda texting people to ask who was voted off... but, those people happened to be out of their houses as well for crying out loud!!!! hay. so Saturday afternoon, while scanning the TV still not knowing the answer to my million dollar question, I saw the commercial of Survivor, and that shocked me to death... I was like "woah no way!!"

Alright, I'm overreacting, but here's what happeneed, nobody was voted out, just yet. Why? Coz, Paolo just read the votes of 8 castaways, Marlon, got 4 votes and Kiko got 4 votes as well, 1 vote still to be announced. WHOA!! Kiko got 4? What the ??? Here's the thing, there 6 Naak members left, and 3 Jarakay members. Supposedly maximum of 3 votes, a member of Naak will get, in this case it's Kiko. But 4 ??? It only means 1 thing, there's a traitor!!!! Shucks!! The question now is, is it only one? or the two Naak members Cris and Kaye both backstabbed Kiko? Shitness....

I am hoping that Kaye would stick to Naak after how Nanay Zita approached them specially her when they came back...

Come on, so many things are possible to happen, specially seeing the very controversial teaser, Rob boiling mad. Charisse and Kaye crying. Oooooh what's that??

We'll find out all the answer later, one vote will decide everything.

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