Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Final Two

Thank God, Rob didn't disappoint me and for sure everyone else in terms of his choice for the Final 2 in Survivor Philippines. Despite the obvious strength, the possibility that the good boy will get more votes from the jury, despite the fact that JC is simply the strongest...... Rob still chose him to be with him in the Final 2 slots... and what can I say? Bravo!

Come to think of it, it could've been no sweat for Rob to choose Charisse... Then, Naak and Jarakay votes may be then mattered (possibly). However, he stayed true to his words, to his promises, to his alliance, to JC, most especially.

For that, I think, Rob has the qualities of a true survivor.... Surviving with a good strategy - to stay in the middle, so no one would notice and treat him as a threat, but at the same time, not pretending or begging to be weak. Lastly, he's been very consistent with every promises he made. He stayed true to his alliance. He never broke anyone's trust. Therefore, my vote to be the first Pinoy Sole Survivor, is ROB!!! Hahaha as if my vote mattered? Oh well, that's just my opinion, but nevertheless JC is also deserving, it's just that this time, this scenario, Rob shines brighter.

How about you? Who do you think will be the First Pinoy Sole Survivor?

Will it be the good boy JC?


Will it be the so-called "ampaw" Rob

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