Sunday, March 8, 2009

Summer breeze

I used to love Summer but I don't think I have enough enthusiasm this time around to rejoice the season.....

Last night, I was like telling my sister, oh I miss rainy season... and she was like "woah ate, may sakit ka ba? you love summer so much right?" and yeah right I do, I mean I used to. I mean, I would always be the first one to rejoice once it's summer time.... No school, no rain, no wet soil.... Then, my favorite parts; the beach but not swimming pools as I'm not a fan of chlorine... well, the shades, the fruit shakes, the ice cream, woah the sun that always seem to invite people to go out and have fun.... In short, summer is happy for me.

But this time around that summer is very near-approaching, I don't feel the same. Sigh. I know it's weird....

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