Tuesday, February 24, 2009

breaking the habit

As everyone knows, yesterday was my last day at Nuffnang. I'm sad. I'm gonna miss everyone. I'm sad that I wasn't able to say goodbye to everyone in MY and SG. No matter how I wanted, I felt it's kinda awkward if I send a mass mail to them saying, 'I'm gonna leave folks since I know that my boss doesn't like me'.... hah! that was hard but ofcourse I didn't do it to protect "my boss", I never intended to create buzz or anything about me leaving. I'm gonna leave , and so be it. See? I'm a fair person, and I know how to respect.

So, today, first day of my life without Nuffnang. This morning, my eyes were trying hard to open around 8am, the usual time I wake up for work, but I fought it and told myself "you can sleep longer, no work today!" But damn it, the eyes are just so stubborn at didn't want to sleep anymore.

Now, I'm online, talking to people from work.....haaaaaaaaa!!!! I feel like crying actually! It's like the habit is so hard to break. My computer screen is full of ym chats of people from the office not to mention that while typing this entry, Janelle called. Grrr. this is gonna be hard!

One day, and I'm missing them so badly! sigh. I don't have enough strength now to fight the feeling.

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