Monday, February 9, 2009

Learning lesson

I mentioned last time that I am currently hooked on Grey's Anatomy series, and yes I still am struggling to finish the whole series. haha

Anyway, I mentioned that because the series teaches so many lessons and I love it. One particular thing I remember was their Christmas episode.

The episode showed that even though friends, even lovers have their differences. Like Izzy, George and Meredith live in one roof but not all of them believe in celebrating Christmas. Izzy, is pro-Christmas while the two didn't really care much. However, to support their friend, George and Meredith decided to look excited for Christmas.

On the other side, Burke and Cristina who at that time were just starting their relationship and decided to live together easily found their differences. Burke, wanted to celebrate Christmas and actually believes Santa Claus, a fact that Cristina couldn't believe to the point she laughed at this idea. As she self-proclaimed she hates Christmas and Santa Claus for that matter.

My point now is, okay let's say you're Burke who believes in Santa Claus and you found out that your friend strongly opposed the idea of Santa Claus and in fact, abhor the fact that someone believes in Santa Claus? Would it be fair if Burke dumped you for this reason? Is it acceptable to say to your friend "just so you know I hate people who doesn't believe that there is Santa Claus" and hate her like she committed a crime or anyting... Oh come what a shame!!! Where's the logic there?

Let's now turn the wheel, let's say you're Cristina who doesn't believe Santa Claus and your boyfriend or even a friend for that matter says he believes in Santa Claus? Is this enough reason to hate your friend? Just because your friend do believe in what you don't?

See? My point here is that life is never fair, whoever said it is? People are created with different features, and preferences. We just have to learn how to respect one another. Your friend doesn't believe in this then so be it. Coz, if you gonna hate your friends with opposing views all the time, may be one day you'll wake up with no one.

Some people might say, "alone is fine", okay I respect your point, but one question have you respected others point? See, it's all a cycle, what goes around will definitely come back around.

Oh I have to watch Grey's Anatomy more. :)

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