Monday, February 9, 2009

Championship for Captain Hook

It's Talk n Text vs. Alaska Aces at the KFC PBA Philippine Cup Finals.

Alaska Aces started it strong winning the first 2 games in the Best of Seven Finals and of course as a Mac-mac Cardona loyalist that I am, I was kinda sad but I knew they'll bounce back and yes oh yes they proved that they wanted to taste the most-coveted championship trophy this time winning the 3rd and 4th games. It was sweet, then Alaska woke up from what happened and won the 5th game in the Finals. Last Sunday, Mac-mac and the rest of the Tropang Texters showed their eagerness to win this as they were able to tie the series into 3-3, bringing the championship to Game 7. Woah, exciting? Typically Mac-mac, typically Captain Hook.

I've been a Mac-mac Cardona loyalist for the longest time, since he was playing on UAAP... I mean, I know I am a Tamaraw but once the opponent was him, I transferred side. hahaha. I remember, always asking to give me the Men's Basketball assignment so I could have sidecourt passes of the game specially the championship of FEU vs.DLSU and I can't help myself but to shout once Mac-mac launched his infamous hook shot. I love it and still loving it. One more factor I love about him were his buzzer-beater shots that brought his team to winning..Oh there were lotsa instances that he was the hero!

Today, I'm not able to follow the PBA religiously like UAAP, but my loyalty to the Captain is still alive, I wish and I am praying that they win, specially this could be his first championship in PBA. But whatever happens, he's still Captain Hook, he's still the best, yeah right many people says he's mayabang, but whatever, he's great! hahaha

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