Thursday, February 5, 2009


Oh come on I think I have used that title gazillion times now. But, whatever, I wanna use it now. haha.

I've mentioned so many times now that there's only two things for me it's either i love a person or i hate 'em, if you don't fall into either of the two, then it means you just don't exist, atleast not in my world which I think many will react, "so what" well, I said FOR ME, not for you. hahaha

Oh well, first talk about HATE.... Oh I'm such a hater, well, because what goes around comes around.... I hate people who hate me period. See? I just turn the table at them. But seriously, I hate people who talks and talks and talks as if they are the best in the world, when the truth is the only field where they are good at is just blabbing. Oh I know so many people like that.... "gosh I'm like this, I'm like that" oh come on why so much of the talk? Is it because of the thing they call insecurity?? Ooooh is it painful? Well, who tells truth doesn't hurt? Ok, I get the "when you have it, flaunt it" idea. But, please make sure you have the "IT" factor, because sometimes, or shall I say most of the times, good people are silent worker and that people who keeps on insisting to others that they are good, are not good, really. All right, I said I'm such a hater, right?! I mean it.

If I'm a hater at times, I'm a loyal lover, and when I love a person, it means, loyalty. ahahhaa. I'm not just talking about love as in l-o-v-e, but love in general. I love people who shares things with me, those people who views life the way I view it. I love people who cares. I love people because I love them, period. haha. I have a list of favorite persons in the world, and I added one person to it. Janelle, the pioneer AE of Outcomm, the queen, has just been added to my list of favorite persons in the world. I mean, I love her! hahaha at first, I think there's no way I'm gonna like her but voila, she's my favorite now....

So, that's it, people I hate and people I love. bow.

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