Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Champion

Oh my gosh. I just came from the pantry and I picked the newspaper, there was a full-page Talk n Text ad and I was like "Sir (to Sir Joseph who was there as well) champion na ba Talk n Text?" and he replied "oo kagabi apat lamang"....

and again I'll say OH MY GOSH!

Shucks so sad that I wasn't able to watch it last night and instead there I was watching a very jologs film, the worst film I think...Yeah right, you guessed it right, I don't want to mention the title anymore because just the thought of me watching it gives me goosebumps, hahaha but it was Lisa's(my cousin from Japan) request. So, yeah go ahead laugh at me now.

Alright, back to my story, so there, last night was the Game 7 the last game of the series.... so sad that I wasn't able to watch their glorious moment, but whatever, they won,Talk n Text is the champion, and that's what's important.

According to Sir Joseph, Mac-mac, the Captain Hook was Final's MVP, oh how sweet is that? Mac-mac's first championship in PBA and he was the Finals MVP, very sweet!

Surely, there's gonna be replays, oh I hope so...because I really wanna see their faces rejoicing.

Again, congratulations to Mac-mac and the rest of Talk n Text team! I knew you'll be the champion!

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