Sunday, February 1, 2009


All right, seems like days are running fast, so fast that it's actually February now. Gawd. That was a quick one. Before I knew it, it's already the month that I've been waiting for. Now, few days and I'll be deciding.

I am looking forward for this month for so many reasons and God knows my growth will be depending on the decisions to be made this month. I know for sure that there are always reasons for everything. I have strong faith and that's enough to keep me standing.

However, one thing I noticed, I always feel nostalgic once this stage is near-approaching. It's hard to think about the past because it gives you pain for two reasons; 1. it's painful to think that you can't bring the past back. (no way. because no matter how hard it is, I believe you shouldn't regret anything) 2. it's hard to think of happy moments because eventually it'll hurt you afterwards. Sigh. But I guess, past is always included on your future. To be able to move forward, you shall appreciate your past without bitterness.

Now, I'm about to make a decision again, nothing to worry about though. I trust myself enough. Once my heart says no, it's really a no. And when my mind says not anymore it means move on.

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tnx 4 dropping at my blog.

tnx 4 d comments.. truly appreciate it...

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