Monday, January 26, 2009

the best feng shui tip....

I decided to believe Feng Shui this time around.... I think it's fun, I mean there's no harm in trying plus people around here in the office like Apple and Janelle are fun to listen to once they start talking about Feng Shui tips...

Specially, Apple is a Tiger like me, so she shared her Feng Shui book about Tigers. From there, I found lotsa cool tips. She said, our lucky color is red, and guess what, my nail is polished with red, bloody red for that matter! hahaa....

I'm also wearing a 9-eyed dzi now, and soon to buy a buddha as Apple said we need that. I'm really so into this right now, and I need to have a compass to track where's my lucky direction...
Yeah that's how I believe in this Feng Shui thingee. and one more thing Monkey is our enemy....ooooh where are the monkeys? wahahaha

But most of all, I believe, the most important secret to a happy life is to stay away from negative vibes. Since forever, I believe in this. I don't like to be around negative-minded people. I mean there's so many people who have problems, so why in the world whine like you're the only person suffering?! That's not good and I am complaining because it's not just bad for themselves but for other people around them as well.

Okay so there you go, Kung Hei Fat Choi to all!


JAPA said...

Yeah you're right! It's the best way to attractive luck. When I get tensed I just try to find something that can motivate me. Anyway, is it ok if we exchange links? Please add me to your blogroll, and please visit my site, you can leave comments and exchange thoughts with me.

Camille said...

sure we can exchange links... thanks for visiting my blog.

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