Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bride Wars:

Last Friday, we watched Bride Wars, and whatelse can I say, it's FUNNY!

All my friends know that Kade Hudson is my favorite, and that's actually the main reason why I watched the movie. Her presence is just enough to make me laugh like crazy.

Funny, in deed, I can't help myself but laugh and laugh so hard until my jaw and my stomach hurt. Hahaha. The movie is just mababaw, but that's what I need right now... A simple story that can make me laugh effortlessly. Take a time out from all the seriousness in the world.

Bride wars is about bestfriends who found themselves in a conflict because of their dream weddings. It teaches us that sometimes all we have to do is give and take. The wheel is round and it have to keep turning for it to move forward.

Oh well, see it actually has a message!haha.

Anyways, I will not get tired of saying that it's funny. it's funny. it's funny actually! haha.

Kate specially is effortlessly funny. Like when she saw her blue hair,oh gosh hilarious, and when she ran to his fiance's office to force him to propose... gawd, her line was something like "oh this is out of nowhere! haha. In fairness to Anne, she has her moments on the movie also. haha, see I don't sound sincere. Yeah right, I was never fair. But, here's the thing their confrontation moment in the restaurant was so real! I mean it really happens in girl's friendship. Plus, again, it's funny!

Anyways, here are some pictures from the movie. Again, I'll say the movie is good and of course both of them are gorgeous!

Some hilarious quotes from the movie:

Emma: [to Liv] Your wedding's gonna be huge, just like your ass at prom.

Liv: Your wedding can suck it.

Liv: If I were your wedding, I'd be sleeping with one eye open...

Liv: My hair!!! My hair is blue!

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