Monday, February 23, 2009

Yet another goodbye..

Seven months ago, I decided to look for a job wherein I could stay for years. A job that I would like... A job that I would believe in. Then, Nuffnang came.

I always say I believe in Nuffnang. Three months have passed without me noticing it, considering the fact that I have this 3-month syndrome. From then, I realized, I am actually enjoying the work. Then, 6th month came, the turning point. All my hopes of staying atleast a year in a company was vanished. I am a loyal person, specially to things, to people that I love. But, if I see something wrong or I was wronged, I cannot do anything but move on and move out.

I'm sad about leaving. I'm gonna miss the people here in the office.... Mark, Roanna, Fitz, -members of our team who I believe were all true people, The AE's of Outcomm, not only my favorite Janelle, but all of them, Apple, Ms.Carol, Mina, Prue, Cyrus, Sir Joseph, Sir Troy, who is always smiling... ahaha I know I so love them,what can I do? haha. I'm gonna miss Lorna, the ever-reliable Lorna, the newbie, Paulo, the messengers who always buy me food once I can't go out... Kuya Luigi(haha) and everyone else.... Hay. I'm gonna miss them for sure.

This is why I hate goodbyes. Missing people that became part of my everyday routine really makes me sad.

But, come on there's no goodbyes really, for sure, we'll cross our paths again. Yeah right!

I don't want to make this entry more mushy, it might cause the tears, and I can't.

One thing for sure, no matter what has been the outcome, I'm not regretting anything as I believe, this taught me a very important lesson.

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Anonymous said...

ahhhh mis u camille mis ko na late ka hahaha...time-in mo ko lorn..hay wala nrin libre sakin.hehehehe.hope to see u again. dont worry your not a winner but not yet a looser. take care!!!

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