Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love/Hate Part 2

Due to insistent public demand, yuck! hahaha well, seriously this is due to comments I received about the latest love/hate entry. If you will look closely, there were no comments posted but believe me there are lotsa comments from people, and take note even though those who's not been targeted were making their itsy-bitsy comments. Now, the pleasure is mine: So, here goes more of my love/hate entry.

I will talk about love first.... Alright, it may sound plastic or something, but I do appreciate people as in every little gestures and every little thing they do. Okay, I think I was overwhelmed by the frog last Friday.... I didn't expect it to be that way with the two of us, I mean after a long time, I felt actually at ease with him. Okay enough of that, I think because of that I'm starting to be confused again, hay so many frogs on my way. How will I ever choose the right one? haha.
Then, who else do I love these days? Hmmm, oh yeah the two Capricorns! I love Capricorns, i mean there's something about our sign that makes us bond, there are certain attributes that we all have. Like Ms.Carol, another AE here in Outcomm, I mean we're not close or anything but based on the stories of people, I can say I love her personality! It's like a typical Capricorn, fierce! Plus, well, undoubtedly, she is fierce! Bow! hahaha.. See, I already like her without having the chance to bond with her. But, infairness, everytime we see each other I can feel her aura, her Capricorn aura...specially when she says "ei musta girl?" hahaha sounds like my favorite friend, another Caps Colet. Then, the second of the two Capricorns that I am talking about, Apple, who happens to be another AE of Outcomm haha. Looks like, I'm starting to like the Sales group.... But, honestly, Apple is one typical Capricorn. I cannot mention the reason why I said that though, but I must say she's just like me and the other Capricorns that I know, that's why I like her. haha plus she's a Tiger as well.

Sigh. My love area is long but whatever, that's what I feel this time. How about the hate part? Hmm.... I hate people who... hay. Let me discuss that tomorrow, I don't think I'm in the mood. So tomorrow, the continuation of my Love/Hate Part 2..hahah corny I know!

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