Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Continuation of the Story....

Here goes the continuation of my Love/Hate Part2 entry. Now, I'm done with the love part right?! Hmmm now comes the beefy side. haha. Well, so much of my "kontrabida" side but what can I do?....a stone was thrown at me, what do you think shall I do throw a bread in return? oh please I'm not a marytyr nor a plastic individual who'll act as if it didn't hurt just to look good in front of people.

I was hurt that's why I'm shouting, now bear the annoying sound.

How many times have I mentioned that my motto in life is "what goes around comes around"? So many times actually, now, if I'm acting bad it's because you did me wrong.

Coz, one thing I really hate is when people thinks they can just hate people who are good to them, thinking anytime they can go back to the original set-up. Well, maybe you're wrong, well shall I rephrase that, you're very wrong!

I'm a good friend, but once you did me wrong, sorry I'm such a bad girl. Now, I'll stop. This thing isn't so much of a big deal for me to talk about it the whole week, I was hurt by what happened but I said my piece so that's enough besides I was not hurt by the person. So, that's it!

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