Monday, March 9, 2009

princess and frogs

Talking about frogs, here's a really cool song.... I love the lyrics, specially coming from a guy....

Princess and Frogs

you hate men is what you say
and i understand how you feel that way
all girls dream of a fairytale
but what you got's like a used car sales
man, trying to conceal what's wrong
behind a smile and a song
and i'm not saying that boys are not like that
but i think you should know
that some of us will grow

all princes start as frogs
all gentleman as dogs
just wait till it's plain to see
what we're growing up to be..
coz some frogs will still be frogs
some dogs will still be dogs
but some boys can become men
just don't kiss us till then

oh come on! how cool is that? Well, I still believe that I'll meet the right frog for me.

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