Tuesday, April 14, 2009

end of the 40-day challenge

I'm such a winner! Haha yeah right! Well, here's the thing last March 1, I decided to take myself into a 40-day challenge... hmmm well, not so much a challenge but a fair enough challenge for me. haha I'm not making sense here am I?

So here's a little detail... I love to eat! I love sweets. I love meat. I love it spicy. But, most of all, I love rice! haha... so I decided to see if I can survive 40-days of no rice and meat.... and gawd I did!

My mom was like "what's freaking wrong with you? Are you trying to kill yourself?"

Well, at first, yeah I thought it's close to committing suicide, but whatever, I wanna challenge myself. First few days, I refused to see people eating rice because I felt any moment I can forget my promise. However, later on, I survived eating at one table with people eating regular food.

My sister always teased me "oh ate favorite mo toh diba" and I'll just say "yeah I'll eat that after 40 days."

I must admit, it took a lot of discipline and determination to survive the challenge. I wasn't able to meet people who used to eat out with me, like Arteng Karol. hahahha I know she's freaking crazy right now! hahaha

So, there you go, supposedly the end was last April 9, but since it's Maundy Thursday, I decided to postponed the end to Monday. and yes I immediately eat Yang chow! ahahaha I missed it so much!

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jehzlau said...

anong ginawa mo sa loob ng 40 days na yun? wooooooot!

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