Monday, July 6, 2009

Jhaziri's funniest moments

Jhaziri is my cute inaanak/niece, a daughter of my cousin.... We're always playing.... We enjoy taking pictures... We love watching movies... We love to party haha and have a song and dance number... We love Starbucks and we love Krispy Kreme.... In short I really adore her..... I love her so much even though she would always say she loves my sister Lara more.

Well, it's kinda sad that she's back at their house already and attends her school there, but last week she stayed at our house and she had so many funny moments...

Here are some:

1. Jhaziri and her unbelievable wishes....
> When she's around we'd always go to SM and her favorite place is none other than Toy Kingdom... She'd always spend so much time looking for toys as if she haven't seen it...duh! As much as I can I always try to buy at least one toy for her.... So, everytime we're in SM, Ninang is the best for her, since my sister always gets mad if Jhaziri wish to buy toy. Last week, she was like "Ninang bili mo ko nito saka eto saka eto pa...."and I was like okay next time na yung iba sa birthday mo na ha.... Then she stopped or so I thought, then she followed-up with "Ninang bilhin mo yung buong SM sa birthday ko ha?" Jusme.....! Ano daw? Buong SM? haha

And the other day, we were asked by my mom to buy medicines at Mercury Drug, and of course Jhaziri didn't fail to see those chocolates, she asked me to buy her favorite Cadbury with matching "Ninang oh wouldn't it be nice if the world was cadbury?" then yeah right I bought of course... when we were at the counter she was like with her usual loud voice "Ninang pati na rin buong Mercury bilhin mo sa birthday ko ha?" Hala! Pati Mercury pa ngayon..
After she said that the guard and the lady at the counter were both laughing...

2. Jhaziri and her Optimus Prime, Megatron and many others

She loves watching cartoons and those cars and robots thingee.... and her current favorite is Transformers... everytime she sees a yellow car she would shout "hotshot" and she'll go on and on and on... So, last week we watched Transformers the movie and the moment those robots appeared she hysterically said "Ninang ayan na si Bumble bee etc etc......" I am not too familiar with Transformers as I haven't watch the 1st one so I was like okay...... She was really excited to watch. Then after a while she called me "Ninang" and almost teary-eyed and I was like "Bakit bebe?" Then she said "sinisipa nung bata ung upuan ko e" hahahaha funny! May be those kids got irritated with all her boasting that she knows those Transformers cast..... I told Jhaziri, e di sabihin mo wag sipain... she replied "eh anjan yung mommy nila baka awayin ako" haha!

3. Jhaziri and her tatlong zero....

She refers to the coin as pera and the paper bills as money..... One time she saw me with a thousand bill and I was like "Oh Jhaziri ang dami kong money oh tignan mo tatlo ung zero"..... From then on she would always say to my mom "Mamu penge money ung tatlong zero" When mom gives her 100pesos she would count and say "dalawa lang yung zero eh ung kay Ninang 3"... and one time we were watching a game show and the prize posted was like 1,000,000 and Jhaziri went so surprised with what she saw "Ninang............. (shouting) ang daming zero nun! " Haha naloka na!

4. Jhaziri and her pictures....
We love to take pictures but everytime she has pictures for school stuffs she would be shy and doesn't like to smile... Then, last week, she and her mom went out to have her taken her 2 x 2 picture for her school Id... before they leave I taught her how to smile in her picture and she was like "Ninang nakakalimutan ko e, sama ka na lang para maalala ko panu ung smile" haha I said "kaya mo yan bebe" .... and when they went home, I immediately asked "patingin ng picture baka di ka naka smile" and she said "Naku Ninang, napaka cute ng picture ko" ahahaha turns out her picture is really cute.... Love it! I asked one copy and she was like "oh Ninang ilagay mo sa wallet mo yan ha, wag mo iwawala, ang cute pa naman nyan" haha confident!

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