Saturday, November 14, 2009

Amanda is the newest Pinoy Sole Survivor

Just when i thought Survivor Philippines: Palau will have a bad ending when Mika was voted off courtesy of the Justine-Jef-Charles alliance and leaving Mika’s bff Amanda alone and almost hopeless..yesterday at the finale the sweetest and probably the best ending happened when Amanda was announced as the newest Pinoy Sole Survivor. Congrats Amanda!
Well, after Mika was voted off, Amanda became very emotional. She felt so alone and most importantly betrayed- betrayed by their friend Jef and the chameleon Charles who promised Mika that he will vote Jef out but actually did the opposite.

During the last immunity challenge wherein the condo unit was at stake Amanda looked so blank certainly because of her emotions and the time Paolo was explaining the challenge, tears actually fell from her eyes which made me think that Mika and their friendship was really her source of strength. However, I was so proud of her that even though she felt so hopeless, she still was able to think wisely. She talked to Jef and Charles causing a rift between the JJC alliance that made Justine mad like hell and thankfully making Jef realized she was wrong of turning back on Amanda and Mika.

When they reached the tribal council for the last elimination, Paolo Bediones called the members of the jury one by one and when he called Mika, she blew a kiss for Amanda and in a snap Amanda became all teary-eyed again probably remembering the fact that her BFF was now on the other side.

Then came the voting Amanda and Charles got two votes each that's why a tie-breaker was needed and that's a fire-making challenge. It was so nerve-wrecking, Charles was able to make a fire first but he wasn't succesful to completely burn the tie which Amanda did so she was declared the winner of the challenge and part of the Final 3.

Finally, the face off of the Final 3 and the members of the jury happened. They answered the questions the jury threw one by one. As expected Justine turned into her beauty pageant contestant-mode as she answered the questions thrown at her. However, I strongly believe that she was very inconsistent with her answers like when she said that she was just a good follower contradicting her answer at one point in the game wherein she said that she learned to be the captain of her own ship and that she will always be the captain. She also said outside life shall not be included but when Paolo asked her to tell who she is she was like "isa akong mabuting anak, mabait na kaibigan, etc etc." yeah right you just said outside life shall be out of the question. Well, on the other hand, Amanda answered the questions with all honesty but not enough to persuade the jury to vote for her. BUT when Mika's turn to do the questioning arrived everything changed which I believe made Amanda won. She told Amanda to tell her life and why she deserves to be the sole survivor which she knows already but the others don't. With this, Amanda knew that Mika's letting her talk to get the jury's vote and she took this opportunity to talk everything out and actually served as her final speech. It was very spectacular! Mika is really clever! She proved that her control for the game didn't end when she was voted off. She didn't just control the whole game up to the final 5 but also directed her BFF's winning shot/speech. Sigh. Mika is really my favorite! However, Amanda's win was also her win because she did made it possible. Mika-Amanda tandem is really really amazing!

Again, congratulations to Amanda for being the newest Pinoy Sole Survivor. It was indeed a sweet and probably the best ending! Survivor Philippines:Palau was unbelievably spectacular and a truly world-class!

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