Friday, September 12, 2008

excited about survivor

I am excited about the fact that Survivor is now in Philippine television but to be honest I don't have plans of following the show NOT UNTIL I found out that one of my favorite persons is actually one of the show's castaways and that just triples my excitement! It's great!

My favorite, Coach Veronica Domingo is part of the Survivor show! My gosh! When I was in college, and I was assigned to cover the sport Taekwondo, there I met Coach Veronica, and from there she automatically became my favorite. I learned her journey from winning gold, silver until she suffered from injury and needed to fight with one knee not fully recovered but still was able to bag bronze medal.

I even got the chance to talk to her after the 2006 SEAG and that article is just my personal favorite. She mentioned there all her struggles and her future plans, including the plans in joining the Philippine team for Beijing Olympics. That's why I was kinda disappointed and sad when I found out that she didn't make it to the list of jins who will represent our country.

However, as they say, for every door that closes a window will be opened, like for Coach Veronica she may not have stepped in Beijing Olympics but a new battle is coming on her way, this time a bout in becoming the first Filipino Sole Survivor. Will she make it? I don't know but one thing I am very sure, I'm cheering for her! hahaha.

As Coach Veronica always say to her players, POWER!

Fight Coach Veronica!!!!!


PLAKDA said...

Excited din ako. Grabe.

PLAKDA said...

Wow. Salamat sa comment. :D

camille said...

haha ok lang un... salamat din sayo!

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