Tuesday, September 16, 2008

survivor fever

Last night, I was really glued on to our tv set while watching Survivor....

I noticed that the "epals" are revealing their faces earlier than I expected.... Not only that, castaways are revealing their own personalities and characters they want to portray. Like Gigit, acts like "know-it-all man" not to mention his very gutsy outfit! haha. Then, the chubby guy is also trying to be the leader of the group knows everything, remember he said that mushroom has a ring and voila it really has! sabi nga nya diba? Then, this Jace, is the strong one, he was the first to reach the beach right?! Oh well, that's the Jarakay team.....

Let's go to the Naak team, Patani, shows that she knows a lot about practicality plus her witty side who wants to be artista....haha she's funny! Then the call center girl Nikki woah did I just mention that name? Oh well, she's a sleepyhead, well, we cannot blame her since her body clock was used to morning as the sleeping time.... haha but then again, she should condition her body and mind that she's in the Survivor show. Then, Zita, the laundrywoman, I like her, I think she's strong, and she's not very whiny even though she was chained with Nikki who doesn't want to do anything.... But I think, in tonight's episode, Zita will be pissed off....Well, let's see....
The Charisse girl, is like testing the water going with the flow.... Ofcourse Coach Veronica, my mom said she's weak and she might leave first but I immediately responded "syempre style nya lang un" hahaha.... that's a joke but somehow I believe it's her tactic, don't show your character too early, don't reveal your strengths and weaknesses to your opponent since they might use that against you!

It's a game, and you really have to have a tactic for you to win! I am so excited to know who will have the strongest strategies..... But, still, I am bias I am cheering for Coach Veronica!!!!

But to clear things out, I think whatever character they are portraying whether epal, or goodie good good it's alright with me since I believe it's all healthy for the show.


ayzprincess said...

err.. not really survivor-type-reality-show fan.. hehehe

its one of the earliest reality shows but its prolly the least that i like, maybe because i know the chances of me getting into the show or participating is null..

i dont know how to swim. ahhaha :D

thanks for dropping by my blog at wordpress (lyingwithclotheson). i happen to have a blogger account too.. ahihi.. im all over the net, you see. ahehehe :D

camille said...

hahaha me too, i was not a fan of the previous season, but hey it's survivor philippines.... let's see how filipino survived! haha thanks for returning the favor! i'll check your blogs :)

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