Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my bestfriend's girl

I am so excited about the new movie of my favorite Kate Hudson..... The movie title is My Bestfriend's Girl..... hmmmm sounds intriguing right?

It's a story of a professional heartbreaker (Dane Cook) of a girl who dumped a boyfriend... It's like dating the girl who just broke a heart of a poor guy, and to get back on the girl, the guy will make sure that the girl will have the worst date of her life.

The climax begins when the bestfriend (Jason Biggs) of the professional heartbreaker was dumped by his girl (Kate Hudson)... So, besides his profession the guy felt that it's his duty to save his bestfriend from the pain the girl gave her.... So, she started dating the girl and later on fell in love (ofcourse) and now the dilemma is loyalty to a friend or love for the girl of your life???

naks naman! I think the story is cute, it's something cute for girls to watch how guys on situations like that!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaay i am darn excited!

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