Thursday, September 4, 2008


This entry is not about the color, besides green is my favorite color but hmm I also like pink.... Ok going back to my story now, according to mom I'll be meeting up with Pinky to assist me for my passport and then I laugh, the name Pinky just makes me laugh. Ayt, before any violent reactions there, I have nothing against the person besides I haven't seen her, all I know is her name.... so, why am I laughing? I remember a story about the name. Here it goes:

Back in highschool, there was a girl named Pinky, from the lower batch. She was a member of the COCC, so during a drill, their commandant which happened to be our classmate asked them to shout their name one by one, so she was the last in line so she's like Pinky blah blah Sir! Then, I asked Rehoy, ano daw? As an equally malokong Rehoy, answered, Pinky daw! Then we laughed so hard. Everytime we see that Pinky we can't help but laugh and we always call her Pinky! even though we don't know her!

It's been my and rehoy's routine, everytime Pinky passed by, we shout Pinky! Then, one morning, she knocked on our class and said something to our teacher, and Rehoy was like Pinky! but I was busy talking to a seatmate so I didn't notice, then Rehoy called me and said "Camille si Pinky oh!" So, I said ----------------- Pinky! You know what? The girl cried after....

Then, our teacher Ma'am Cha, asked us not to tease the girl anymore.... But, we're like what did we do? we're just calling her. besides it's her name diba? So, what's wrong with that? Haha. That was funny. People cry even though I am not doing anything bad. haha. Am I bad? or so you think. Nah. I'm just always laughing you know, like when I see someone who once said Call center sucks and now seeing her holding a mic for a movie premiere night just cracks me down, laughing and laughing!

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