Monday, September 29, 2008

more of survivor

I am just so hooked and so addicted to Survivor Philippines.... I mean, at the beginning I was watching the show because of Coach Veronica, but now, not just that, I am certified Survivor Philippines addict already!

Last Thursday, they were like having the game for the glory of the immunity power, and I must say, true colors are somewhat revealed. I mean, for crying out loud why did Jace have to ruin his dignity just for the sake of that immunity thingee. That's just so unacceptabe, he will say things like "Kiks, taas ko lang shorts ko pare then laban uli tayo" only to find out at the end that he will broke his words by saying "Kiks, pare, sorry" and then run towards their home base.... dammit! that's just so foul! In whatever angle you look at, he's madaya, and he's grrrr nakakaasar!

You know what, I like Jace at the beginning but after that? No way! He's very disappointing!

Okay, so Coach Veronica belongs to Jarakay team, but honestly I like the opponent team the Naak. Ofcourse, I always take the side of the underdogs. I mean, they are the real underdog, not yet winning any battle but I believe they will make it to stand up once more!

Last Friday, the traitor/ backstabber Emerson left the island, and that's just a big yes-yes. Traitors/ backstabbers should be kicked-out! But, before the Naak team went to the Council thingee, they were all emotional, and gosh my adoration to them just keep on growing. Mommy Zita, the laundrywoman, was so touching, she was like "anak ilalaglag nyo ba ako?" to her fellow castaways, and gosh tears almost fell down from my eyes.....

I want her to win, it's not just because she's poor, you know I really hate reality shows who declares the poor as the winner, it's like ok fine, you're poor, you deserve to win! what the???? where's the logic? Ok, but mommy zita, is different, yes, she's poor, but she never used that fact so people would sympathize to her. In fact, she's deserving in the sense that she's strong even if she's relatively old and considering that she's a girl. As a proof to that, she was the 2nd person to reach the beach shore after Jace. Imagine that, she was able to swim faster than those heavy-built men of Survivor?!

Oh well, I am so excited in every episode of the show, looking forward for more adventures, more drama, and more revelations!!!!

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