Monday, October 6, 2008

havaianas loco

I was eyeing for this green havaianas, and since our office is just near All Flip-flops, I can easily go there and buy that specific style, or at least so I thought because last Friday, I went there with my officemate Charles, but voila, out of stock! No single trace of existence! Syet! So, I decided to go to Trinoma branch to try my luck but I guess luck was not on my side that night as I found none.... Syet again I hate it! I mean I really really really want and did I just mention really want that style!!! hay buhay! My favorite color is green for crying out loud, but up to this day, I still don't have green havz. what a shame!

by the way here's the style that I like, but I like the green one which can't be seen even on the picture, shame again!

But look, the color blue with yellow lining and yellow logo is cute as well right?! Hmm, but even that is no longer present as of this very moment here in All Flip-flops Highstreet....

Here are other designs I'm also eyeing to purchase soon it's available here, sana!

I like that!!!!

Very nice, there's green as well! Like it!

I wish i wish i wish!!!!

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