Tuesday, October 21, 2008

gossip girl to the highest level

Gossip girl is just the best! I really really love it! The story line, the characters, the conflicts, the location, the dresses everything about GG. I just watched the episode New Haven Can Wait and it's just so amazing. I love Blair! and I don't like Serena's attitude. Their catfight scene was just so unbelievable, and the lines gawd bull's eye.... galing!

But at least they find a way to reconcile at the end. I really believe that Blair is the good between the two of them. Serena is just fronting that she's good and because of that Blair becomes the mean girl in the eyes of the people. haha. Coz, you know, some people act like their underdogs when the truth is they are planning to bite people.

Oh well, I am looking forward for the next episode of GG. Also, please vote on the poll on the right side of this blog please, so I'd know, who's your favorite GG character... hahaha

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