Wednesday, October 8, 2008

please don't rain

Ok I love rain the korean singer/actor yeah right but I'm not referring to him instead rain as in the water pouring down from the sky i love it IF I'm just staying at home, but rather than that, PLEASE DON'T RAIN is my motto.

A while back, we were at Makati for a meeting and on our way out of the building, shame the rain is freaking heavy...! Then again, it's still manageable since a cab can go very near the covered waiting area... So, in my mind "syet it's raining, ayoko!!!!" but then again looks like luck is here with me right now, when the cab reached The Fort area, no trace of rain, as in the road is dry with a little presence Haring Araw, hehe.

Sigh. I don't want to rejoice just yet, you know, luck can turn around so fast... But, please please please don't rain!!!

haha that's so funny!

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