Thursday, October 9, 2008

I hate the damn rain

Ok I am not referring to the dramatic conotation when I said rain. I mean I really hate the rain, because it's raining on my way to work, and yeah right just now... Grrr, I so hate it!

When I woke up I saw that it's raining, and immediately my mind said "just stay at home" but of course I cannot, there's a lot to do.... hay. But, it was really painful most specially emotionally because I'm thinking I have to carry the laptop on the way to work and it's for crying out loud, RAINING!!!!

One more thing to rant about is that my favorite green umbrella is now in trash, because mom borrowed it and accidentally broke it, now I can no longer use it. I was really devastated when I found out that I can no longer use it.

I am planning to buy same umbrella, as in exactly the way it was. You know, I love that umbrella for the longest time ever, and it's just so sad that I no longer have it.

Yeah right, now, it's drama time, but whatever, I hate that it's raining! I hope it will stop like right now, please?!

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