Thursday, October 23, 2008

time is gold

I consider time as gold. I mean, I do everything on the time alloted to me, if work ends at 6:00pm, I make sure I accomplish everything by that time. I am not the type who work at home, during weekends, and holidays, oh well I guess I am just that lazy. hahaha. but seriously, I believe that life will be a breeze if we just learn how to manage time.

All works and no play make Jack a dull boy. Indeed this is true. That's why I always find time to have fun, to relax, to have a normal life beyond work.. But, ofcourse before that I have to finish work. I make sure to finish tasks that are assigned to me on time or better earlier than the deadline so I have time to relax. Hahaha I can be such a lazy girl who wants to just relax all the time... However, I am proud to say that despite that laxness, I am a responsible person. I don't leave work undone.

Hmm, my friends know that, back in school, I make sure to finish all the works to be done so we'd have time for our drinking session... Hahaha

I never play during work, I work so I could play afterwards. That's the thing for me.

However, it's not a secret to everyone who knows me that I am always late. On that note, I forget that time is gold. Hahhaha crazy me. In highschool, I was even suspended for being late, in college, I was always on time..... on time for the second subject. hahaha. Oh gosh 7:30 class just kills me. But, nevertheless, as the worry-free me, never cared if I'm late, besides, I was able to make it at the end. You know, it's better late than never.

Nowadays, going to work is fine with me. Don't have to worry that I'm late and everyone will be staring at me like I did some kinda hideous crime. Coz, you know, everytime I arrive late I feel that way, hahaha but not anymore since we have flexible time. Oh I just love that word, flexible time, meaning I can go to work around 10 and that would be lesser pain in the ass to wake up in the morning.

That's the thing I am most enjoying this time around.

Lucky me, how about you?

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