Thursday, October 16, 2008

Biggest Outdoor Art Gallery in Asia

Last night at Fully Booked Serendra was the launch of this Biggest Art Gallery in Asia where Nuffnang is just one of the sponsors... Actually the banner ads for this campaign are already running on some of the blogs registered to Nuffnang. Sadly, my blog was not included (even if I was the one who uploaded the ad) haha because I didn't reach the requirements: 1. Blog is registered to Nuffnang for atleast 20days - (I failed this requirement because I freaked out when I found out that the system isn't reading the ad unit on my site... so, I deleted the blog and uploaded it again. result, my blog is just 5 days with NN *nyak!) 2. Blog has atleast 140 unique visitors a week or 20 unique visitors per day - of course I'm not at that stage yet... That's why I am now seeking for views out there... hey visit my blog!!!!! hahaha So, those were the reasons why the ad isn't showing on my personal blog. See? Nuffnang is fair. hahahaha Anyway, since I can't show you the ad, here's something to explain ad. This is courtesy of of course Nuffnang PH and also Charles, and Mark who did the video.



Hi there. How did you put up the large rectangle ad at place?

Meia said...

This is the right example blog for the large rec. hi, there. :)

camille said...

Hi all! You can login to Nuffnang homepage then add ad unit then copy paste the code of large rectangle ad unit to your blogsite. There's a tutorial there as well, if I remember correctly right side of the page.. :)

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