Friday, October 10, 2008

I love Kiko, I love the whole of Naak

I support the Naak team, despite Coach Veronica's presence in the opposing tribe - Jarakay. I can't help it, I really love the Naak team, their warm treatment to one another, their happy moments in their tribe, their cooperativeness, and their love for Naak tribe... Unlike, the Jarakay team, who's always planning who will they vote out, busy with forming alliances, and the most that I can't take is the face of Marlon, who talks as if he's so good... hmph!

Last night, they lost once more, but despite of that my love for them just keeps on increasing and increasing every single episode.

I love Kiko, he's strong, but not to the point he'll step on anyone's shadow to get what he wants. He has sense of fairness. He's also polite, I love the episode wherein he asked Nanay Zita to scrub his back. So sweet! I love him, really but last night jusme bull's eye when he said "My thoughts are always with Naak. I may be here, physically, but my spirit, my heart, my loyalty, naiwan sa Naak." Hay. He's such a nice guy.

He was kidnapped by the Jarakay team when they lost the challenge last Wednesday (I think). I think, he saw the big difference of Jarakay and Naak. He realized that even if they lost most of the challenges, their camaraderie was undoubtedly more precious.

If my love for Kiko grows fonder my abhorrence to Marlon just grows stronger! He's such a grrr I don't know, conceited? hay. Look, how could you explain the nail (as in pako) that Kiko saw on his food while he was in the Jarakay tribe? What the syet?! As far as I know, Marlon cooks for their food, so what was that? Plus, what he did while Jarakay and Naak were playing the Immunity Challenge.... Good thing Kiko is such a nice guy that he didn't punch that Marlon........

Okay okay. So, Naak will once again go to the tribal council later, I am so nervous, who will be voted out? Moreover, what's the twist.. Shame, excitement can really kill. What's that?????? I'm nervous. haha But still Go Naak!!!!!


Me, the islands and the world said...

pareho pala tayo, I just hate Marlon's cocky obnoxiousness. Kiko is a nice guy, i think.

camille said...

hehe yupyup! go naak tayo!!!! hahaha

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