Tuesday, October 14, 2008

and so i hate it....

I notice this blog is more on I love and I hate, oh whatever, that's me. It's either I hate you or I love you. If you don't fall into either of the two, then... you know the answer.

Ok, this time, it's about HATE. For the longest time ever, I've been very vocal that I hate to open my friendster account, because for some reason, I always see something that will disappoint me: a picture, a shoutout, the date the person last login haaay even the smallest details, I swear! But, here I am still stubborn enough to open my account.

Alright, I'll defend myself first, I refrain from opening my FS account, in fact, it's been months, I think that I haven't open it. Not until the last few days, to put my blog url as my shoutout, and yes few minutes ago, when I read Lineth's message that she's enjoying my blog "daw" (haha thanks Lineth). Then, I surfed a little until voila this picture boomed to my face and syet it hits me like a knife. Yeah right that sounds corny but that's what I really felt, I was stunned and wanted to be mad really really mad. dammit! I hate it!

Why do I have to see it? I am a firm believer that what you don't know wont hurt you. But come on, that's stupid I know. Hay hay hay.

Everything just keep on pushing me to hate you. I am about to lose grip, I don't know. May be I will, finally.

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