Wednesday, September 24, 2008

danggit bay!

And that is just so funny!

Okay, for the record, I don't eat fish, the only fish I eat is tilapia, that's it! But here goes my former boss (speaking of boss) I call him Master, he's just the best! He's one of my favorite persons in the world! haha earlier last month I asked him a favor of putting his name on my character reference here in Nuffnang and he immediately said yes and followed up "one dozen ng krispy kreme lang ang katapat" ofcourse it wouldn't be master without his punch lines.....

Then, I got in here, and he was like, instead of krispy kreme, why don't I just write a content for the website he's planning to buy, I said Ok. Then, just last week he said, he's selling danggit straight from Cebu, and I should buy! Huwaaaaaat???? yeah right, he's asking me to buy fish. I don't eat danggit but nevertheless I'll buy, I will just give it to my grandma or whoever.

I don't know, it's like when Master said, it's go for the gold. hahahaha as I've mentioned he's one of my favorite persons in the world, and I am really like that once you're my favorite, I'm always supportive.

Oh well, he'll be dropping by here in High street tomorrow for the danggit but according to him I should not worry since he packaged it nicely. hahahaha... I think I can treat him for 2 krispy kreme, or a cupcake, or a piece of cake.... only one of those options, since it's not yet payday.

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