Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I am back!!!! I miss writing in this blog and for sure many miss reading my entries! So here you go, I am giving into your requests.

What's up with me lately? Well, I am just enjoying each day to the fullest. I don't like frogs anymore at least I am trying to stop myself. I decided that they are not fun to play with anymore but we'll see if any of those frogs can change himself and out of that category. Haha. I still have hope. Because I am full of hope. LOL

What else? Hmm I will update this blog as often as I did before, so you can read my thoughts, my whining, my whatever!

Hope you didn't miss me much!!!


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Henry said...

Hello Camille! pwede a mkipag exchange blog sayo, new blogger lng here, need more friends here.

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